Sunday, May 31, 2009



It lived a good life but the motor is toast and I refuse to deal with it any more. All the pieces will be used for other projects so fuck it. I learned allot from this little bike and I am the better for it.

Seriously my little shop is full. I am lucky to even have this space to do my work. This pretty much says exactly how I feel about my bike. Ahhh

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smoke Out 10

Well folks the Triumph did a good job at the Smoke Out 10. Bringing KC to the world two bikes at a time because Tony's 550 Honda also took top ten at The Smoke Out. We had a good time and the people in the south are some crazy mofo's. What is the deal with sweet tea? Anyways we did like 40 hours of driving and it was all worth it. So three cheers for the Anchor. More to come in the future. Also with all this time sitting and thinking Tony and I planned out the next builds and they are gonna be epic. I also thought of the next Anchor slogan.

K.I.S.S.-Keep it Simple Stupid. Next time you over think something just think of K.I.S.S.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So I moved out of the store front and all my shit is organized in the shed again.Let me just say how great it is to just sit in the shed and stair at my bikes alone. Just like skateboarding, cycles are best when you are alone. I decided to switch the front end on the red bike to a much larger Sportster front end. I put the shorter front end on the project bike. I want it to have a good 70's digger look. I am gonna go ape shit when this thing gets painted. Triumph still runs like shit but it is going to the Smoke out no matter what. Enjoy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Like I said!

Well the first major mod is done. I was trying something new and I really like the effect the paint took on. This bike is gonna be more of a custom then a chopper. Any hoo the paint is done and I am all smiles. I am hoping some day to be a Watson, or Winfield but painting is so much harder than it looks. It also should be said that 40 dollar paint guns are awesome. When they get all shitted up you just throw them away and buy another. All this tank needs is pschedelic star trek scene and it would be the jam. Oh well!