Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Present With Fountain City Tattoo

Come hang out in KC. April 3rd. Ride your bike out. Bring your skateboard and listening to my band The Big Iron! Celebrate spring and knock the dirt off your cycle. All makes all models two wheeled or four! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flatheads and Harleys

Been railing out work and really focusing
On getting my shop to the next level. To do this I must have the best belt known to man. So I can check that off the list. Josh came by the shop and showed me some of his work. So killer and it seems as soon as one bike goes two show up. Guess that's a good thing. Feel like I'm getting buried and spring is just starting. So it's Official I'll be moving back into my old spot down in the bottoms industrial area. More space and less money. The benefits are obvious but the moving is going to suck. One month and counting. 


The Shovelhead got a little make over. First thing was the conversion to foot shift and hand clutch. Next was I had Forking By Frank cut down some tubes to 4 under which is stock for a panhead. Replaced seals and bushings at this point. Tried these Pangea bars on for the first time. Can't wait to rail this thing next week. Good times and Saturday is the only day I get to work on my own stuff.  It must be done!