Saturday, October 26, 2013

Top 5 Week Of Halloween

 The week of Halloween is always a good time around here. Kids are going ape shit waiting and it is fun seeing them so excited. Tuesday I turn 40 fucking years old. I am not looking forward to it. It feels like I am staring into the mouth of death and that feeling of mortality is the only thing that is certain. Ian my little guy turns 4 on Nov 1st and he has been so excited. He made up a saying yesterday that he thinks is hilarious. After he is done with a sentence he says" Bam Out". How do they come up with this stuff.
Top 5 Reasons To Love Halloween

Number 1. Well the Dead Kennedys said it best in a song. You can dress anyway you'd like for one day a year. You better plan all year for next Halloween. I remember the "cool" kids dressing up like punk rockers in middle school. They sucked and even playing dress up they would get it wrong. 

Number 2. FREE FUCKING CANDY- What else is there to say., Yes I will be 40 and yes I admit the first thing I do after the kids get home is raid there bags. Bottle caps are my favorite. One little perk for changing thousands of shitty diapers. CANDY CANDY CANDY Even with that being said we will still have the ghetto stuff around till Feb.

Number 3. In my early 20's when I was at the height of my social outgoing self. I would always have a couple of parties to go to on Halloween night. Granted I never drank or whatever but I loved being offensive and so did my friends. One particular year we went down to Hollywood where they shut down a few blocks and there is a big street party and such. I dress up as the VietCong and my best friend dressed up as Superman in a wheel chair. Granted Superman had just been in that accident. I got a pair of Dickies and cut at the bottom to make them all ragged. White tshirt and rolled around on the ground, flip flops and a toy AK. Found a rice patty hat and then drew on a wee little scum Fu Manchu stache. God it was fucking hilarious. In that one single night we almost got in like 10 fights and at the end he actually got pushed off of a stage at a contest because it was that offensive. 

Number 4. Girls tend to get all trashy on this day. Everyone of them is like" I'm a sexy nurse". Or " I am sexy vampire", I'm a sexy stupid slut". Whatever right who am I to say they can't dress all trashy. Why can't someone out there be a trashy sexy Winona Ryder circa 1990.

Number 5. For the most part our riding season is done. The afternoons warm up just enough to go ride a little bit. Halloween is always the cut off for bike projects. Not gonna lie I have some crazy shit coming up so look out. Shop is almost moved and this Death Star is almost fully operational.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Norton Drops On The World

Well I tried to hang on for my 1000th post on this here blog. Well we are at 1002 now and the Norton is fucking done. Well how about my end is down. Did the last of the wiring and all the cables last week and Russ the fellow in the pic is the owner came and picked it up. This is the longest project I have ever worked on clocking in at almost two solid years. Granted the motor was off getting rebuilt at Baxter for 1.5 of that. I literally have built, destroyed, rebuilt, manipulated, tweaked, fucked up every single piece on this bike. I built the hardtail, oil bag, rebuilt the 1940's girder, exhaust, controls, etc etc. When I say every piece I seriously mean every piece all the way down to the motor mounts. I will take some pics and vids of the bike running but for now I am gonna breath a little easier. I have to say that it looks fast just sitting there and I assure you that it is going to be fast as fuck.  I will openly admit to being a chopper snob but this bike isn't really a chopper, or a bobber, or a board track racer but it has the themes of all of those. I want to just say it is a Anchor bike and leave it at that. Enjoy

Saturday, October 19, 2013

All Kinds Of New Shit Saturday

Well today was a good day. After all kinds of work my shop at home is ready to be moved into. Started last week just grabbing stuff and over the next month or so I will be all set up at home. I am gonna have to purge a lot of stuff. Still my shop at home is bigger then any shop I have ever been in.  Next was the digging out of the flathead motor. Last week just in passing I told Eric Meyers I wanted to put a flathead back in the 51 and he drops some shit like" Well I have one sitting in the shop if you want it it's yours". WTF so now I have sworn by the spring the 51 will be rolling with a flathead and T5 behind it. The motor looks to be damn near turn key with all the majors there so I have a real good starting place. Turns over easy and I am still gonna blow it apart and do some speed tricks. So if you have been on board here you will recall the deer I slayed a few months back with my truck. Well today I got my new daily whip. 1977 F1 custom. I am already calling it the Tomato so I think it has stuck. For a midwest truck this fucking thing is solid as they come. Little bit of rust but solid where it counts. 300 inline 6 and 3 on the tree. Did a full service on it today and next I have to pull the heater core out and replace it. Everything but the heater works so it a pretty good start for my shop/work truck. Drives amazing for a truck and gets almost double what the 51 got gas mileage wise. So welcome her into the family and I hope she gets me through the winter. OG paint and interior except the sweet seat cover. Love old trucks and the long bed is LLLOOONNNGGGGGG. Almost took out some foreign car today because I did not realize the bed was 20 feet behind me still. I'll get the hang of it and if not it has the biggest heavy duty bumper ever so fuck that plastic dribble of a car you drive the TOMATO will destroy you. Swap meet tomorrow is the last one of the year. Boo summer is over.

Top 5 Saturday
Top 5 reasons to own a truck

Number 1. Old trucks have soul worked into them.

Number 2. If you have a truck most likely you have other cool things like motorcycles, dirtbikes, guns, or possibly more turcks.

Number 3. If you work on stuff then you willl have to haul crap. Trucks haul crap 

Number 4. Especially if it is old then the ease of working on it is even greater. This 1977 base model is about as simple as it gets. Not to mention you might be able to sleep next to the motor there is so much room in there.

Number 5. My grandpa had one just like this but mint green and white. Always liked it and now I got my own.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blacktop I Miss You

I do recall the morning we left Santa Rosa NM to make our way home it was cold as hell out. I also remember how miserable hot the previous day had been so I was enjoying the early morning blast. Matt, Tony and I all were riding rigid choppers and we headed east then north then east again trying to make KC in one day. The first 2 hours was the most perfect ride you can have. The roads in NM are like fucking glass and the high desert is always amazing to go through. We passed other bikes on the road and just were knocking down the miles. The farther east we got the hotter it became. By 11 in the AM it was hot, like almost 90 out. What I remember most about that day was Tony's sissy bar falling off, Matt's carb falling off, and my Regulator pooping out two batteries. I rode the last two hundred miles with no lights and the generator putting out about 4 volts. Which was just enough it would fire if you were hauling ass with no lights. I sandwiched myself between the others and followed trucks once it got dark. This was really my first big boy bike trip. I think we did over 600 miles that day and we all made it home in one piece. Man Tony had one of the raddest Hondas on earth in this form. I bet his tailbone is still bruised from the really cool looking seat. I think I made a wad of extra padding out of towels from the motel wrapped up in a Anchor shirt then duct taped to the shit seat I had. Still was brutalized by it. I think it got to the point by the end that every bump in the road I screamed like a animal being slaughtered. Yet I still love trips and right now I would do anything to be on my bike. It was 39 degrees when I got up this morning and before we know it we will be up to our butts in snow. Ugh
July 2010

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Theme Song

Holy Batcycle Top 5 Saturday

After another week of work and tinkering on the Plymouth today is paint the walls in my shop at home, Still hasn't sunk in that I will be working from home real soon. Might be good might be bad. Going to the shop has always been my little getaway from reality. Anyways I had a funny conversation about TV shows I watched as a kid with Esther my oldest. So Top 5 TV shows I watched as a kid. She loves Batman as well as the boy. They were both terrified watching The Munsters. Warp there minds.

Number 1. The Munsters- 
Number 2. Chips
Number 3. Batman
Number 4. The A team
Number 5. Star Trek

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Home For Wayward Motors

Went and checked out the Misfits Car show last weekend. I was all about motor pics I guess. More important is the newest addition to the Motors in my life. 1981 Ironhead and most of a frame. Looks like someone was gonna build a digger then gave up. Sitting in a barn for the better part of twenty years. Mine now and it was a cheap. Like real cheap. Noot get ready HaHa. I'm thinking Stroker.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

Working on on Plymouth a metric shit ton this week. Got it running and drove it. Adjusted the brakes, pulled starter out and had it looked at. Had two bad brushes and now should crank like a 6volt starter should. Dropped the tank out and flushed it for almost a full hour. The amount of shit that came out was unbelievable. Made some new tank straps since I broke the ones that were on it. Top 5 Saturday will be Top 5 Bands I wish I could have played guitar in past/present.

Number 1. Minor Threat

Number 2. The Scientist
Number 3 Starflyer 59
Number 4. The Cramps
Number 5. My Bloody Valentine

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Questions You Should Never Ask Yourself

1. Why did Jawbreaker break up and why don't they get back together?
2. Why are there so many fucking retards in this world?
3. Am I the only one that feels like this?
4. If I have two Harleys does it matter if I buy another?
5 Why the fuck did I buy that Plymouth?
6. Is the song Scum written about me?
7. Is it wrong to eat ice cream every single night?
8. Does the world only revolve around being greasy and not sleeping.? 
9. Is the new OFF! record going to be as good as the last?
10. Do I care if I ride a bike that has a swingarm?
11. Is it possible that I am lusting after a stock motorcycle?
12. Do redheaded girls know how evil they are and what they do to my brain just being on earth?
13. Raising kids is hard fucking work and it keeps getting harder, why is that?
14. Does being a punk rocker really matter at this age?
Went and drove the Plymouth today. Yes it runs but there is something wrong with the starter and the gas tank is full of shit. Still while it was running it was pretty fun to be cruising. Old cars are the jam yet still just another money pit. Bright side is the shovel is fucking perfect right now.