Saturday, August 31, 2013

BCR and Top 5 Saturady

Found almost all the Bay City Rollers records you would ever need for a quarter a record. So far the best one is this gem. Rock and Roll Love Letter is the best track on the record and is a bubble gum pop masterpiece. No shit I have always loved the Saturday Night song but they did write some other rockers. If you can over look the hair and outfits they are just a power pop band. So I am about to leave for the car show and I'm already tired from the Pre party. Rock and Roll Hate/love Letter.

Number 1. I know people love there cars and bikes. But you see people have bad taste. So they love terrible shit you see. Granted that is my opinion but I have good taste. So these old men bring out there Rat Rods and think we are gonna like them. Then I crush them and they get pissed off. I then tell them if they do not like our rules then start your own fucking car show. You can then make the rules and I will go and act like a 10 year old that doesn't get what they want. 

Number 2. See at the end of the day does any of this hate gonna help me. Does it let me sleep better at night. Fuck yes it does. 

Number 3. Lets play dress up! We have talked about fake people a lot here on the anchor. So at the pre party you could have thrown a stick in any direction and hit some wanna be fuck face with in 100 yards. Lets dress up Rock a billy and drive this car I bought and we will get drunk and then swing dance in the parking lot. ARRRGGGGHHHH 

Number 4. There are always the same old guys that come out. These guys I actually love like family. They get it and I know my place when it comes to the legacy of car guys. They have built and driving more cars then I will ever own and I respect that. Same or even more so with bike guys. If you ride a bike for 50 years and are still on the horse then you are gonna have some good stories and I want to hear them. It is the history I am interested in. The when where and how that this cart or bike has existed. 

Number 5. At the beginning there was like 20 cars and 13 years later it is always about 900 cars. For a bunch of retarded punk rockers we have done a impossible thing and kept the feel for the show and the feeling is still pure. We do not do it for the money and we are registered as a non for profit org. We donate money back to the community and we put the show on. We do get to buy tools and supplies so we do get some perks. It takes about 8 of us almost a second full time job to do the show. Sometimes I question if it is even worth all the effort. Then the show comes and I see thousands of people that have this smile and a glazed over look at the cars and bikes that have just blown there minds. I did the same thing when I was young and I hope on some level in 20 years some young bucks got inspired and does something like this. If anything my kids will pick up the torch and Greaserama will be around a few more generations. 

My family has a family saying that has been passed down through the generations. When times are tough and you really have to dig in and find the energy to go on I think of these words.I always feel empowered and my soul will feel at ease. The saying is FUCK EVERYBODY

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tanks In Need

Say cool guys out there in wasted timeville. I need a set of 3.5 gallon fat bobs for my shovel. I pay you for tanks and shipping. You get to buy some dumb shit on ebay and I get to have gas in my mootorcycle. Win Win right? Use the Email on the right. And yes I know these are 5 gallons in the pic so don't send me a stupid comment about it.

Love Art

New Dice has this spread in it. I don't know much about art but I do know what I like. I like the way Troy caught the light and the background really lets the subject matter tell a story. Who the shit am I kidding she has red hair and she is naked on a bike. Love it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh Deer

So far this week I have killed a deer with my truck. The Sonoma is also dead for that matter. If I was on my bike it would have been really bad. Thank god I was to tired to ride that morning. Anyways the car show I do is this weekend and we are in full swing. Shovelhead is all apart for a redo and fix up. Forward controls and a bigger gas tank. My vintage Wassell that Michael painted for me split open on one of the seams. BULLSHIT. I swear I can't have anything nice. So I think it is gonna be 3.5 gallon fat bobs and a sissy bar this go around. Pagan gold paint with candy apple red fog outlines around the panels. What else lets see. It has been hot as hell and I am tired of sweating. Car show on Saturday is gonna be 100 for real degrees. Yes.I want this lid real bad but to no avail it is to much on the gaybay.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh Neko and Top 5 Saturday

   Well its been a wacky week and once again I am sitting here thinking about a Top 5. There are very few artist that I truly love. One such artist is Neko Case. I am not gonna say I love every song she has ever recorded but for the most part I do. Sure her sound has changed from a very dark twangy murder ballad type sound to a very polished yet still her own. She has a new record out this month and what I have heard it is gonna be awesome. Now yes she does have redhair, she plays a tenor guitar, and her voice can make you fall in love, fall out of love, cry a river, and bring down the heavens all in a 2 minute song. There really are few artist that can do this. Granted it is not punk she still has a punk edge and the dark even very dark subject matter sets her apart from all the other female singers. It must have been 2000 when she came through KC and I went to see her. I had read somewhere that her favorite band was the Flat Duo Jets who I was also a giant fan of. So I see her play and fall even more in love with her. She had on this thrift store tshirt and some yucky torn up levis and some old school logging boots. After the show I walked up to say hi and thank you for the amazing show. ( I was probably ridiculous). Well I did my usual small talk and was charming I'm sure. I looked down at my jacket and remembered I had a Flat Duo Jets button on my jacket. She saw me fumbling around with the flap and then I held my hand out and she took the button from my hand and that is when she became my fake girlfriend forever. She said she loved the band and I said I know that is why I am giving it to you. She smiled a real smile and then gave me a hug. We have history

Top 5 Neko Records

Number 1. Blacklisted
Number 2. Furnace Room Lullaby
Number 3. Canadian amp
Number 4. The Virginian
Number 5. The Worse it gets

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Beloved Ironhead

    So I am gonna feel this out. Thinking about selling my Ironhead to fund a Panhead project. Hate to see it go but needs and wants are at each others throats again. Here is the skinny if you have followed my blog you know this bike. Everything is solid as fuck. One kick and go. Last season it got the entire top end rebuilt by Noot. Rebored and all the valves were done as well. Bottom end is solid. Fresh powder coat on everything and both tires are to. New generator 2 years ago and Cycle electronics regulator. New gel battery this spring. Flying Weasel skinny trees and shaved forks. Forks are 2 over 39mm sportster units. Vintage risers and skinny drag bars. Isr Rear caliper and Nissan master. Atomic age did the Big Iron seat and  frame is 4 up and 2 out with 35 degrees of rake. Handles killer and is geared for highway jamming. So this is where you get the price. 5,000 is the firm as fuck price. There will be no offers or pestering. I will work with buyer to ship anywhere in the world as long as they are paying. Clean MO title and that is that. MY # 816-694-3685 or Email
If you have a Shovel or pan that you would like to work out a trade on hit me up and let me know what you got. 10 dirt bikes might do it as well.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feed The Fire / Top 5 Saturday

Anyone that grew up riding dirt bikes knows why I am lusting after one. I need a proper old man dirt bike to thrash around on. I am leaning towards a big single like a DT400 Yamaha or a PE 250 Suzuki. So I just got done mowing the yard and the old Honda was crying for a ride. Got it out a beat the shit out of it for a few. Having a backyard just big enough to hurt yourself is awesome. I was practicing my flat track lefties and then the big air contest started. Yes I totally ate shit in the one pic you can see the bare spot the exhaust guard tore up. Big scrape on the elbow and nothing but smiles.

Top5 reasons to get a dirt bike.

Number 1. Honda CM 400A models make terrible dirt bikes. Super heavy and let us not forget it is a automatic. Now it has bent bars as well. Oops 

Number 2. The sound that a 2 stroke makes and the smell is the things of magic and wonder. Time machine to my youth and if I do it right it will be my fountain of youth for a lengthy and happy life. 

Number 3. Motorcycles are supposed to be fun? Not really a question but I do take this chopper deal pretty serious. But a dirt bike is nothing but fun. Bombing gravel roads, jumping through a creek bed, climbing every hill in sight that sounds like a blast. Even crashing is fun I guess as long as you can walk away that is. Check out the prices on vintage dirt bikes and the bang for your buck is great. Lots of fun and not so much money. For the money I have in that Shovelhead I could have bought 16 old dirt bikes. Stupid

Number 4. Scary times feed the fire. One of the main reasons I love motorcycles is the scare factor. I like to scare myself just enough to make me aware. Getting a little sideways and hanging on is the real deal. I like staying in control even if I'm out of control. Everyone I have ever known that grew up riding dirt bikes make really good street bike riders. There is almost no way to teach some one how to hang it out there and stay in control. I use these skills every time someone pulls out in front of me or rides my ass. I have had a few OOOOHHH SHIIIIITTTT moments by riding to fast and not judging a corner right or blowing through a stop sign. You make a decision and follow it till the end. On a dirt bike it could mean your about to lay the bike down but instead you just ham fist the throttle and power your way up. Or you hit into a corner and the front wheel bites in at that point it is better to kick the bike out and slide off of it. But these movements are made with almost no thought you just do them. After when your heart is about to beat out of your chest that is when you think about the fancy moves you just pulled off. I like that.

Number 5. Seems to be some kind of movement of guys riding dirt bikes. I don't fucking care what anyone else is doing. I started off in the dirt and will gladly die in the dirt. The End

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh The Horror Of It All.

Having to go right back to work was bullshit. I went ahead and stayed off the bike until today. Damn my ass still hates that seat. Anyways check out Noot's blog to see more killer Sturgis pics and I have thought about there are two types of people in this world jokes all day.

There are two types of people in this world. Ones that like black licorice and those that don't.
Ones that ride old bikes and those that wish they could ride old bikes.
People that get punk rock and those that don't.
Ones that own and ride Harley motorbikes and those that want to. Even if they say they don't.
Those that have the redheaded girl alarm in there head and those that don't.
There are two types of people in this world so pick a side and hold your ground.

As for the pictures above I wish I was the guy on the bike, I want a boattail Rivi so bad I would sell some internal organs for it, and you should go listen to the MC5 right fucking now. Anchor Out.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Super Mega Sturgis Post

Well folks I'm back from my whirl wind Sturgis trip. Basically if you start at the top and go down that is the whole trip in a time line.

Day 1. Left my house about 7 in the a.m.. Bike was packed down and I was a ball of nerves. Clouds were heavy and I thought within 10 miles it would be pouring on me. Well I was wrong and instead of rain it was just unseasonably cold. I was fucking freezing for the first 5 hours but when I did hit rain it was only enough to get my knees wet then I popped out into the first sun I had seen all day. First reality check of the day came when the freeway north of Sioux City was at a dead stop. Luckily for me it had backed up right to the off ramp, so I took the right and got gas. I guess a spare tire off of a truck fell onto the freeway and killed a couple on there motorcycle. Terrifying to say the least. Took a bunch of back roads and made my way around the accident. Met Noot in Beresford, SD at 1:00 in the p.m. We were all ready to hit the road like Capt. America and Billy but it was changed to Captain Fluffy and the Whizz. Good fucking times hanging out with Noot. So we made our way to Platte SD all on two lane blacktop and was a great way to see SD and see the country. I guess it has been raining a lot because everything was green and beautiful. Weather was perfect and we arrived about 4. Easy first day, rode about 500 miles and we ate pizza then stayed up talking motorbikes with all the other people on there way to Sturgis

 Day 2. Holy shit we woke to a unholy shit storm of rain and lightning. After a few hours it lets up enough to get the rain suits out and make a go at it. Seriously with in 10 miles of leaving the rain cleared out and the roads were dry. Starting the second day I was a little groggy and still wanting more coffee. As we really got into SD the roads got twisty and the hills got bigger making for a amazing morning. I pretty much had to stop at every fucking gas station we came across so that meant about every hour we stopped. Makes for a long day. We crossed the Badlands of SD and stopped at the sketchiest gas station in the world. Every thing in it was locked up behind gates. I mean everything. I guess the local native american population are super fucking poor and get there kicks by snorting lysol and drinking lighter fluid. WTF. Scary for sure as you ride down the highway you can see the reservation and the little shanty towns made out of plywood and tarps. I would probably end up snorting Lysol to if I had to live in a third world state while the first world lets it happen. Our government is fucked and it has never been so apparent. All the black folks that bitch about there lot in life don't have shit to say till they see how these AMERICANS live. Ok so on the next chapter. Well like all good trips they usually start with a BREAKDOWN. It just so happens that the only part on the entire Shovel that I did not change or fuck with was the regulator. Take a wild guess where that regulator decided to shit out on me. The South Dakota Badlands that's fucking where. In the middle of nowhere USA. I had to stop at a road construction sign and when I pushed in the clutch the bike just died. Noot was ahead of me and did not see me pull over. By the time he came back I had already checked the battery. 6.09. Dead battery indeed. Was it the battery, regulator, or stator? Well there was nothing I was gonna be able to do on the side of the road. So Noot peg pushed me about 2 miles to the next gas stop. There must have been a hundred bikes there and me pushing my bike into the station. That is where PoonTail and his wife come into the picture. As we are there pulling the battery out to try and charge it Poontail comes up and basically offers to haul the bike into Sturgis and I could ride the wife's FLHX into town. We are still about 100 miles from Sturgis but with no idea what the real problems is  we load the Whizz up and I'm riding a white with purple paneled Bagger. While I am throwing my tools back on the bike Poon goes and fills the bike up and has it ready for me. Fucking awesome. So for the first time in my life I am riding a full on couch down the road. I have to say I hated every second of it and the seat wasn't much better then my seat. I didn't even know they had 6 gears so I kept just shifting up and up and up and up. Felt like I shifted it a thousand times. Like my four speed for sure. So we follow Poontail to there camp sight and drop off the bike and they are gonna drop my bike off where we are staying in Sturgis downtown. I can't say enough nice things about these two fine folks. They went out of there way like miles and miles to help out a chopper freak and I appreciated it so much. I wasn't bummed out or anything I knew I could get it fixed I just needed to find a regulator. So probably the funniest thing about the whole trip was Noot and I riding nuts to butts on his bike trying to find a regulator. People yelled , people took pictuers, girls screamed. It was fucking ridiculous having two grown ass men riding two up, but we got the part and I was on my way to riding to the Horse show for Monday. 
 So we got the part and we were supposed to have VIP passes for the Michael Lichter show at the FTS. Well we didn't but we named dropped our way in and got to see the Ton Up show before the public did. So cool and I really liked the ZON Sportster and the Vincent. I took a bunch of pics so look close. We ended up crashing out to the sounds of yucky motorcycles all night long.

 Day 3. Test stator, charged battery, and replaced regulator. All is right with world. As for the entire trip all I had to do was the regulator and adjust my chain. I did spring a leak on the transmission but that was no biggie. All is right with world on Monday. Weather is perfect and I got to drink a lot of coffee. We took off and went to the swap meet then headed out to the Horse Show. Well if they would have had any rules there would have been about 50 bikes in a show. But with all the terrible garbage there was easily 200+ bikes. Met some Anchor fans and Noot met some Noot fans and I have to say I had a pretty great day. Met some new friends and of course they had cool bikes and we met eye to eye so that is always cool. Noot won a fucking trophy with Capt. Fluffy and rightfully so. That 64 of his is classy and runs like the clappers even with two dudes on it. Ha After the Horse show we went and chilled out a little. Noot went back out to the FTS and I went to the strip to people watch. Man people are fucking retarded. I was saying that it looked like everybody was dressed up like a biker for Halloween. Fucking stupid sheep look a like ride the same bike wastoids. Never seen so many drunk people in one place. Whatever they would not understand what I am saying anyways so the jokes on me I guess. 

Day 4. Wake up and burnout. Decided I had had enough of the biker lifestyle and wanted to get back on the riding lifestyle. Wanted to take two days to get home that way I could stop and see some stuff and then not be so tired when I got home. Well like most plans they got thrown to the wind and by the time I had got out of the state of SD I was ready to stop. I tried to get a hotel room but they wanted 85 dollars a night and that is too fucking much. Even the cheap places were like 55, So the longer I rode the miles just peeled away and before I really had a grasp on it I was at my last gas stop in Saint Joseph, Mo. I had left Sturgis at about 7:30 a.m. and rode into my driveway at 10:30 that night. Some kind of new record for me. Ended up doing right under 800 miles in one go. Granted I did stop a lot in the a.m. By the afternoon I was doing full speed ahead and the shovel ran perfect.

Overview of Sturgis:
 If you like sitting in traffic on your bike, Affliction clothing, Baggers in all shapes and sizes, baggers on trailers, fake tits, old tits, gross tits, 5 dollar bottles of water, 80's metal, strippers, douche bags, and thousand and thousand of assholes then Surgis is for you

If you like riding your bike, hanging with friends, people watching, trying to find one cool bike out of a thousand, talking shop, riding on the back of a Sportster, and following through with plans, Sturgis can also be for you.
Anchor is out of it still.