Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 Saturaday

Top 5 reasons you should buy a sportster.

Number1. Price- You can get on any Craigslist forum and find a Sportster for under 3,000. A running bike for under 3,000 is insane. You can buy a 500 dollar jap bike and then spend easily 3 grand building a chopper then when its done it is worth 2 grand. All Harley's hold there value.

Number 2. More Bang- For the money you spend you get a fire breathing ass kicking monster. The big twin guys have to spend all kinds of money just so a stock sportster won't kick there ass.

Number 3.- Building platform. Sportster motors look good in any form. Chopper, Digger, Cafe Racer, and bone stock they look good. I would guess the unit construction helps that it is all one big lump.

Number 4. Race Pedigree- Once you take a minute and look up the racing history of the sportster you will want one. From the early 60's almost all kinds of racing records where held by sportsters. Drag racing was a specialty as well as Bonneville. 68 and 69 Daytona races where won by Sportsters and if you where looking for something fast you bought a sportster. The XLR flattrack bike is the most beautiful race bike of all time. It wasn't until the 70's that Japanese/British companies built big bikes to compete with the sportster.

Number 5. Hands on- If you own a old Ironhead you are gonna have to learn to work on it. So people love them or hate them which goes along with how much they like working on there bikes. Me I love tinkering on my bike. Once a month I check over my bike and check all components. During good weather I ride my bike everyday so the routine of checking over everything is key. I check all fluids, pushrods, points, and look for missing bolts/nuts. Loctite is key. When I put my bike together I used grade 8 stainless allen head and nylock nuts on everything. One little dab of blue loctite and have not had a single thing fall off. My top motor mount likes to loosing up so I hit it with a 9/16 wrench when ever I think about it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Funny Story Not Really

So it is Dec 29th and in KC today it was 60 degrees outside. Insane so I high tailed to the shop and got the new bars on my bike. Installed the new kickstand and then pushed it outside. I was seriously so happy to get the bike out. Bikes been sitting for a month or so but after a few kicks she fired right up. I am staring at my bars as I bounce through the parking lot at the shop. I pull out and give it a few good whacks of the throttle. It is a Harley and all Harley dudes make this kind of noise. There is no point of doing this but they all do it. I crank it up down the main drag. First, Second, Third, Blah. I was out of goddamn gas. I was so fucking pist I pushed my bike almost a mile and set it in the shop and drove home. Motorcycles are a pain in the ass and will always break your heart. I still love them.

Looks Good in Primer

Decided to Get all the parts in one color. It is hard to see all the pieces when they are all different colors. Did the first round of filler on the tank and about 100 more hours and I think I might be ready to paint. I am gonna hustle some parts and get the 63 motor for this bike ASAP. No sissy bar but I am thinking some crazy tall exhaust. I love the tank so far and the fender flows good.

Chrome Gets You Home.

Got our chrome parts back. Holy shit they look good. Not cheap but man when you see this sissy bar your gonna have to pick your jaw up off the ground. I got my bars on and the kickstand. Don't even want to lay the bike on the stand now. I mocked up Shea's pipes so they flow with the sissy bar. Looks proper.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sheet Metal Crazy

Took apart the Ironhead and started on the tins. I set a stock fender next to my skinny one. Huge difference when you take the skirt off and just one inch out of the middle. On the tank I Ran a piece of 1/4 round stock around in a panel shape so I can mold it all in. I am thinking the whole bike will be silver with some purple fogging around all the molded bits. We shall see in the future where I go with this.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Top 5 Saturaday

I decided I will list the 5 most important tools in my shop. These are the tools I use on a daily basis.

Number 1. Sawzall- The ultimate tool for chopping a bike up. I bought my Milwaukee Sawzall over 15 years ago and has probably chopped over 50 bikes apart. Spend the money on the quick release one you won't be disappointed.

Number 2. Welder- I am not going into the kind of welder you need but you do need one. It was like the light of god showing down on me the first time I stuck some scraps together and they did not fall apart.

Number 3. Tool Box- Again with out a proper tool box to keep your tools in, you are in hell. Try finding a socket on the floor after you've kicked it. Where did I leave that wrench? Fuck I need a .016 feeler gauge. Get it. I scored a super sweet old John Deere Factory tool box at a auction house. Best 100 dollars I have ever spent ever. Check pic for box. Tons of drawers and is heavy duty.

Number 4. Grinder/Cut off- With your standard 4.5 angle grinder you can change a plain piece of steel into art. Cut off wheels fit on and now you are cutting sheet metal like a surgeon. You have your flap disc ready for cleaning up the cut stuff and now you look like a pro. I own two , one with a cut off wheel on it all the time and the other with a 80 grit flap disc.

Number 5. Air Compressor- With out air you will die. Yes if you don't have a air compressor you can't even imagine all the uses. I have bought a ton of cheap air tools and now you have a way to paint, fill tires, blow off grips, clean off parts, etc etc. There is always a magic moment when I hook up my 1/2 impact and tear some god damn shit up with 160lbs of pressure. Clutch hubs are no match.Rusty bolt, fuck it just hit it with the impact and break it off. Welding a spot that needs to be cooled off fast, hit it with air. A must in any garage.

I will not even start on the fact that you need hand tools. If you want to start your sweet tool collection just start hitting up swap meets and buy hand fulls of good used tools for a fraction. When I first started I would write down the tools I was needing then start the hunt. Some stuff like screw drivers are best bought new. But I have bought entire sets of snap-on sockets for 5 bucks just because they looked kinda crusty. Pliers, vise grips, wrenches, hammers all can be bought and cleaned up then put into service. You will feel more manly and will be happy to work on your cycle knowing you have the tools to do it with. Later

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Having Fun

Well this is what I do when I am bored. All the bikes I have built lately have a huge sissy bars so this one is getting none. Small struts, narrowed up the fender one inch and cut the bottom flange off. Now fender fits the Goodyear perfect and is nice and tight. Tried every tank and every set of bars in the shop, but this looks pretty good. This is not the motor I am gonna use so I need to wait to go any further. Had the cover for the seat laying around so I took a shitty swap meet seat and recovered it. Looks good and with the 3 inch springs I should be bobbing down the road in ease. These pipes are not the ones I am leaving on but for about ten minutes of fun I like them. I love the inbetween the strut and bell hanging out. We shall see what sticks. Later

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Ideas

Here are the bars I whipped up as well as a before and after. Enjoy

Proper Hardtail 12345

Always hated this bolt on hardtail. So I did something about it. Did the research and measuring then came out the Sawzall. Actually went real smooth and now I have a killer frame to start the 63 project. The whole bike is gonna be simple and clean.

minor threat-straight edge

The Wipers - Over The Edge (live - 1983)

Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away

Black Flag - Revenge

bouncing souls-the gold song

Top 5 Saturday Punk Bands

I have been into music my whole life. In 1986 I found punk rock and ever since that it is what I am and what I believe in. Punk is such a amazing thing and mixed with skateboarding meant everything thing to me. So now 25+ years later I still listen to the same bands and these are the ones I am gonna list. Being a punk is the only title I have every been proud of. When people call me a biker I always correct them and say "No I am a punk that just loves motorcycles" and I am good with that. I still loathe popular music and have been into underground music since 1986. I love Punk/HC, old country, 60's Garage /surf, Power pop, whatever you get the picture and now here is my list.

Number 1. MINOR THREAT First time I heard them I fucking freaked out and went and stole both cassetttes from my local store. Crazy good still and is the beginning of my Straight Edge beliefs.

Number 2. The Wipers Putting Oregon onto the punk map. So good they changed how I thought of guitar and the songwriting is bar none top level. Good songs good guitar riffs and songs with depth and passion.

Number 3. The Ramones This is a no brainer. I grew up listening to old Rock and Roll and the Beach Boys. The first time I heard the Ramones it was there version of Do You Wanna Dance by the Beach Boys. I thought it was loud and awesome. Super good pop but raunchy and tight. Still listen to them weekly and it keeps getting better.

Number 4. Black Flag This is the ultimate in riffage. As a young guitar player I would sit and try and learn the Damage record. Still to this day it blows me away. Greg Ginn is on another planet with his vision and abilities. If you don't own the First 4 years Record you are totally lame.

Number 5. The Bouncing Souls NJ at its best I guess. East costs longest running punks are still at it. In 1991 I was at there first show in Cali. At the time I was knee deep in all the shitty Straight Edge bands and to see them crawl out of there van all crusty and Mohawks up. I was stoked. They have a insane amount of records under there belts but there first 5 records are always getting played on the ol turn table.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

You want Proof

So here is some visual. I know this is not the actual David Mann bike but this is the look I am talking about. Classic

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 5 Saturday

Since it is just me holding down the Anchor I thought it would be fun to start a top 5 post once a week. Since I have great taste in all things cool(ego trip) I will start this off with Motorcycles I love.
Number 1. Tom Fugles Blue Panhead
Number 2. The Turnip Eater Sportster drag bike
Number 3. David Mann's Red Chopper from the El Forestero days
Number 4. Chopper Daves Superfreak
Number 5. Everything Mark Drew puts together.
Pretty solid list of good bikes. The list is just for initial bikes I would kill to own.
Runner ups would be Shinyas Knuckle, T-bones swingarm Shovel, Bratstyle anything, or just my Ironhead

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Time of Year

It is that time again, when the weather sends us to our holes in search of warmth and food. I hate winter and all things that go with it. I was born and raised in SO Cal and will never understand why I moved to Midwest iceland. As for the shop I have been getting some calls and really I have just been turning people away. XS 650 hell is what I am in. I don't understand why no one in KC wants a good super legit Harley built. I would be happy all day building Sportsters forever. I look at other blogs and see guys building insane bikes and have to wonder where they are getting there scratch from. Maybe they all have sweet grandma's that lend them 10 grand to buy a panhead. As for me I have the Ironhead and that is all I need for now. Had a e-mail about my bike, they wanted to know where I bought my sissy bar, oil tank, exhaust, seat, etc etc. I laughed a minute and just said I built all of it and even the Paugcho frame was now modified to my liking. He asked how much it was to build all of that. I said for me it was just the time and metal. For him it would be about 6,000 dollars. He did not write back. Again I laughed. What the fuck is wrong with people. Anyways I am glad I will have some serious time in the shop this weekend, Need to get the new oil lines ran and polish the side covers. Waiting on chrome sucks but is so worth it once you put get it back. I built some super tight pullbacks that noone has seen and they should be killer for eating up miles come spring. For now I will wear many layers and get the sleds out.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Check this out.

Tony has picked up the Past in Time name again and will be slaving away in his hole for all that need it. If you need your Jap bike worked on he is the man to get a hold of. He does killer paint and is damn good at putting a bike together. He is a true bike lover and that should say it all. Check out his blog at

Smut My Wife Brings Me.

This goes with the theme of my life. I love old Motorsickles, Old Cars/trucks, Old music, old music equipment, and old porn. So there.

Good stuff

Thanks for the extra cylinder it will come in handy. Yep I would only use this if it were the last fucking 1000cc cylinder on earth and even then I don't know. The good stuff were a brand new set of pistons, New valves and springs and Andrew q grind cams new in the box. Other then that this motor is just getting shelved I think. I can buy a running bike for the money it would cost to build this pile. Noot is off the hook on this one.

Holy Cluster Fuck

3 easy steps to find out I'm screwed. Finally got to looking through the boxes and pulled the tranny out and BANG. Looks like this damn thing was 20,000 leagues under the sea. With the bad there was some good.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Done with Leftovers

Forgot to take a pic of the done bike yesterday. Not bad really Started it last Friday and rode it yesterday. Fairly fast for a little bike. It has 6 gears and I used a way smaller back sprocket so I took off and it was like shift, shift , shift ,shift, shift ,shift. See it even looks like allot of shifting. Got it up into 6th and was seriously scaring me how fast I was going. Fun today I buttoned up the wiring and tweaked on the carb but it was raining all morning so no more test rides. Shea and I got the chrome stuff together and I am gearing up for the 81 motor build. Should be cool but I am missing a ton of little parts for the motor. All that means is more money. Been nice to just thrash on a bike and get it done. I take so much time building my bikes that I kinda forget that a simple no dollar bike is just as fun to build. As a whole I personally just can't get behind Jap bikes anymore. I have been there, done that kinda thing and at this point in my life I want a god damned BI G TWIN in a bad way. When I get like this I usually drive myself crazy but I always get what I want in the end. I have started my seed money and we will see what transpires. Thanks and have a great night.