Saturday, June 30, 2012

The top 5 Visual Proof

Top 5 Saturday

 So I have been thinking about my favorite bike builders of all time. It is very hard to decide but there are some huge influences that impact me on a daily basis.

Number 1. Arlen Ness- Almost everything that is wild about choppers and especially sportsters came out of the bay area and Arlens shop. Arlen started just like me doing what he loved and then turned it into a huge business. I look at it as a good plan on my part. Except Arlen had way better taste and ability then I will ever have. Diggers are what he contributed to the whole world. Many builders did them but noone can touch the Nessability. 

Number 2. Shinya Kimura- I will not go on and on about Shinya but if you think taking a bike apart and then doing a little chop here and bob there then he would blow your mind. When he was doing the Zero Eng stuff he was years ahead and still had a timeless way of building a solid bike. Now he is selling bikes to movie stars and does everything with such passion and love that it rubs off on others. Sure some of the stuff he builds is over the top but it was all built by his two hands and hammers in hand.

Number 3. Bratstyle- A few years ago now I started hearing the word Bratstyle. Being uncool as I am I had no idea about the Japanese shop of such name. I quickly got brought up to speed and wish everyone else would just stop biting what they are doing. Everything they but out has got a certain POP to them.  have my own issue with all the Japanese guys buying up all out bikes in the states but Bratstyle will chop anything. They are especially good at the SR 500 yamaha's. But no brand or make is safe. Much like my shop. I have just about chopped every kind of bike out there some look good and some don't but the experience is always worth it.

Number 4. Chopper Dave- Just out of respect for the fact he built Super Freak I had to add Dave. Super cool dude and had some serious skill with bike parts. He has built many a cool bike and with the Super Freak I still can just stare for hours at it. Like his blog and the photo skills aren't to bad at all. Naked girls, motorcycles and oil brands. 

Number 5. Ben Hardy- Another one I am not going to go on and on about. He built the two most famous bikes in the world. I preferred the Billy Bike but either one I would be proud to ride. Look up the History of the chopper and get schooled.

 Also as a side note as I write this there are thousands of insane bikes in So Cal right now. I hate my life right now and because it is 104 degrees out side it isn't even nice to ride here. Damnit

Sunday, June 24, 2012

So Ate Up Right Now

So due to the fucked up year its been there is no crazy trip for this year. Every body is leaving for there trip out west and I am stuck in KC all summer. Still planning on going to Love Thy Chopper but that is gonna be it for bike trips this summer. So to all you lucky bastards that are going to Born Free I fucking hate you and your lucky ass face. AAAARRRGGGHHHHH. So here is a little taste of our trip from last year. I had more fun in two weeks then I have had in the last 365 days. AAARRRGGGHHHHH

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I totally fucked up and did not put My Bloody Valentine on my list. Sorry they are the best band of the 80's in a Non Punk kinda way but they were totally punk as they were anyway. Get it.  And as a side note the tranny in my 63 is still fucked I screamed and almost gave myself a heartattack as I went for a test ride. There is no worse feeling then thinking you figured it out then have your bike shit on your face. AAARRRGGHHH

My Bloody Valentine - You made me realise

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Head On (Video)

Pixies - Gigantic

Dramarama - Scenario

Morrissey Live in Dallas [4]

The Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink (original version)

Top 5 Saturday

Feeling inspired for some music this week. So Top 5 non Punk 80's bands. When I say Non Punk I mean not your typical 80's stuff. Being a teenager in the 80's was a blessing and curse. So here is my favorite Non Punk 80's bands

 Number1. The Jesus and Mary Chain- I know they are still hacking away at a career but there best years were in the 80's. Some of the best surf reverb feedback fuzz sing along songs ever written. They seriously started there own sound and were ripped off by everybody. Get the Psycho Candy album and get schooled. They mixed the pop of the Beach Boys and the loud of the Ramones and added some Ventures in there and there you have it. Used to make out with my 10th grade girlfriend to this record so nothing but good memories. 

Number 2. The Pixies- What to write about one of the greatest bands ever. When they were in the thick of it there was no band on earth that could write a better song. Weird loud or nice quiet they can do it all. Surfer Rosa is my favorite record but they are all good. 

Number 3. Dramarama- They were one of those bands that everybody said they liked but had never heard. The song Anything has been covered endlessly since it was writing. There s/t lp is so goddamn good that I listen to it weekly. I guess it is more Rock and Roll mixed with some dark themes but every song is awesome. I will post my favorite so you can check it out.

Number 4  Morrisey- Every girl I knew in High school loved the Smiths so I had to listen to them too. Once Morrisey went solo I truly loved it. When Your arsenal came out I thought it was one of the best records ever written ever in the history of albums. Yeah it is still that good. He had the best backing band on those early records and still has a few of them in his stable. Say what you want Morrisey is one of the last real honest to god frontmen left on earth.

Number 5. Psychedelic Furs- They are the ones out of all the shitty New Wave goth bands that got it write. Everybody know the Pretty in Pink song but did you know that song was written two years before the movie was even made. That is how good it was. John Hughes wrote that movie so he could use that song as the title. Richard Butler has a raddest voice and that is that. If you don't like them then you are a damn fool.

Friday, June 22, 2012

All Stripped Down and Done

So Got Dan Dan the delivery mans bike all buttoned up. Doesn't look like much but I swapped a motor, stator, ignition, rewired, seat pan, clip ons, etc etc. Went and did some miles on it and it surprised me how much fun it was. Always liked the way cafe bikes look but DAMN they are uncomfortable to ride. Any ways back on the Norton project then on to the truck.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rollercoaster Week indeed Top 5 Saturady

So after the last week  am absolutely running on empty lets recap. Todd died on Monday also stopped in at the doctor to get checked out. The doc thinks I have Lyme disease and puts me on some drugs. Then on the good side I put my Ironhead back together and should be down for some miles again. But I am waiting to go ride it till I am stable enough to deal with the fact that if it is not fixed I am gonna EXPLODE. Then I woke up Wednsday with a epic cold of some sort. Tired and just plain pooped out. On the flip side I had allot of time to check out the blog world. Ended up at the TRI co blog which is run by the Dice fellows and this amazing woman above. I am not the most stylish fellow but I do know that a pair of Dickies and a punk rock T-shirt is all I will ever need. So after checking out the blog the only real reason to look at the blog is Imogen. So here is to another week and I am gonna get on some bike projects starting Monday.

So top 5 Saturday blogs: 
 Number 1. Tri Co just look up the Imogen post and gets stoked.
Number 2. Filthmode- Dirt First is there motto and they are doing some insane cool shit in Vancouver.
Number 3 Go Away Garage- Just a very cool mix of images here. Not allot of reposted crap and he also has very good taste.
Number 4 The Selvedge Yard- If you like geeking out on everything from music to motorcycles then this is the one. Almost holy grail type reading here. In depth stories and when I get into it hours can go by.
Number 5 Rigids Hips- I don't know what the deal is with Sweden but they are doing insane crazy shit over there. Just the one post about there studio almost made me fill up to the top with hatred and envy. Nicke has skills so sharp that if you look at him in the right light you will get cut. Skateboarding, motorcycles,and music are the name of the game. What else is there.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Spent all morning putting the Sportster back together. Noot got the parts I needed and the whole deal went together with only a few OH SHIT moments. Like I forgot to push the lock tab on the rear hub and had to pull the cover back off. Also one of the  bolts on the primary always leaked and now I know why. There is a huge chunk missing from the case side. It literally just fell out as soon as I started messing with it. So a little drilling and tapping and I got the hole and little deeper in the case. 3/16 clutch adjustment and I should be good. Gonna let the cover sit overnight before I find out that it still leaks. Also put some 12 inch apes on it and it looks killer diller.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something for Todd

So today Shea hooked up this tattoo. I can't think of a better way then to give the man some space on me. For the rest of my life every time I look down at my leg I will think of him and that is good with me. So a few of the club guys are getting some pieces for Todd as soon I get photos I will post them up. Also go to and you can donate some monetary love to his wife and family. Go with out that 40oz and kick down some love.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Today was the Day To Say Goodbye

 7 Am this morning we lost Todd to cancer. We all spent some time with him at his home this last weekend. Everyday we got to sit by him was a extra day we will cherish. The toughest man till his last breath. Anyone that has met him will forever remember him because of the fire and  heart the man had. He had visions so deep that I found it hard to get sometimes. He got it and would expand on a idea or plan endlessly. It was always one of the most annoying things about Todd and now I am gonna miss all those conversations. Fuck why is the world and life like this. Some dumb child molesting piece of shit lives to be 100 but good people die from shit like cancer and there is no reason, no explanation. I am not questioning god or the lack of god but Todd felt like there was more to this world the the immediate me me me mentality of the masses. Whatever I am starting to sound like Todd get it. Anyways I feel empty, lost , pistoff, joy, anger, and all the other things that come with this shit. I am gonna go work on motorcycles and try and go plank for a little. Thanks and there is a cancer fund on the GREASERAMA.COM website if you feel inclined.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh Shit Another Hurdle

I have said it before and I will say it again these fucking motorcycles are here to test us. So after a few hundred miles on the 63 I decided to jump on the freeway for a mile or two and up to this point the bike has been running flawless. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and No 4th. WTF all that is going on is a grinding sound and that is all. FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK I hate these goddamn things. It shifted back into 3rd and off I go back to the shop. After a week of staring at it today was the day to rip it apart. After much looking around I found the culprit. The top hat roller on the dog ear was laying in the gook in the bottom of the drain pan I had out. So the shift fork could not push far enough to engage 4th all the way. Noot is sending me the parts and by next weekend I will be rolling again. All ends that ends well.

Some Good Stuff

So after the blur of last week I got back to work. Todd is doing terrible and all the fellows have been going by daily to sit with him. It is all we can do and I am glad we all had that time with him. The official art work is done for Greaserama and there is a full color version almost done. I want to get the Roth fink tattoo on me somewhere. The Watson Chevy is so amazing that I am seriously thinking of selling everything I own and buy one. Weesner has a way with art that makes me glad to be alive. Thanks

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Bad Times

So sorry for the lack of post but my wife's grandfather passed last weds. We had to do a quick fly out to Bay City Texas for the funeral. I have to say I have been extremely lucky. I have only been to 3 funerals in my whole life. Everyone of them was totally suck ass. 

Jon was a true man and as tough as they come. Fought in the Korean war and then came home and started a family. 3 sons and a daughter later they have a huge family and coming from a small family it always amazes me to go and visit. Even after being married to Amy 10 years I still meet new family members. I hope I raise my family up in the fashion he did. All his kids are solid individuals and I married the cream of the crop out of that family.  When his health was better I would hang out in his shop and tinker on lawnmowers with him. So I feel like I got to spend some quality time with him. I went and poked around his work shop while I was down there and said a little goodbye to the man everyone called Bunt. So here is to Jon and all the Texas family that will miss him dearly.  And yes, he did wear Dickies coveralls just about every day.

Friday, June 1, 2012

H.O.A.M.E Pre Party

Every year I look forward to this show. It is held in a Vintage Airplane museum and hangar. Perfect place for a vintage bike show. The pre party was tonight and I went out solo and looked around. So super cool stuff and lots of BULLSHIT. So here are a few and the last pic is of the current bike at the shop. It will end up being the worlds most expensive POS cafe racer cb 550 ever built. The owner could have bought 3 of these in running condition for the price he is paying me. He loves his bike and that is saying allot.