Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bombs And Wires

If I get through building my truck the next car will be a lowrider. Straight up old school ,2 pump, 14 inch wires,  and so clean you could eat off the transmission. I have been dreaming about a 1949-53 Chevy tudor for as long as I can remember. 235 straight 6, split the exhaust manifolds and let it wrap out everywhere.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Round 2 Folks

So with only the seats of our pants we have decided to try and do the show again. Surely it can't snow again in May. Look out for more info and please spread the word.

Chug A Long......

Ok so the temperature has falling out and it is 7 degrees outside right now. Brutal does not even describe the bitter cold that is upon us. So what to do what to do, ah I got my front end all set up on the 51. 3" dropped axle and Tie rod drops. New tie rods and some torch and bending of the steering linkage. So after I got it aligned and wheels on I had to build a steering stop so my tires do not get eating alive . The bottom pic shows the stop I welded up. Turn right and you should be able to circle a dime, turn left and your at a quarter. No biggie and no one told me I would have to rework all the steering parts to get them to clear once the dropped axle was in place. Once the motor is in I will do the final tweaking of that stuff. In between the truck stuff I have my dentists little cb200 for a bunch of little tweaks. I cut down his stock seat and fixed a bunch of wiring gremlins. Full service and new front tire. I actually really like doing this kind of work. It seems to be a proactive way to keep your bike on the road. I did the same thing for him a year ago and he rode all season with zero issues. I went and rode it before I took it apart and I will say it isn't the fastest thing but lots of fun. Its so light I swear I could bunny hop it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Obsessed......Top 5 Saturday

I 've noticed for the last week or so I have been obsessed with the word NOWHERE. I might have been over thinking it but there are so many different uses for the word it is boggling. See as how this pertains to motorcycles is when I get on my bike lately I go to nowhere. I just go. Ride until I hit reserve then turn around. I have found myself drifting farther from the little towns I know and finding my way to nowhere. In this day and age I find myself dreaming about going to nowhere, living nowhere, and finding my way to nowhere. Luckily for me there has been a soundtrack to this lust for nowhere. Thats right Top 5 songs about Nowhere. I love all these songs and after much thought I knew there was a reason to share this Go below and listen. Anchor is headed to the shop for a day of grease and Nowhere.

Turbonegro - Boys From Nowhere

Dwight Yoakam - A thousand miles from nowhere

The Byrds "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"

Neko Case - "I'm From Nowhere"

OFF! Man from Nowhere

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flathead Boogie...

In all the years I have been doing this grease monkey shit I have never been in a more disgusting motor. The fucking thing fought me the entire way through. Broke 5 head bolts and the the other side came off easy. Probably half of the valves needed the 10 lb hammer to persuade them to drop out. My hands feel like minced meat and they are stained from the blackest, nastiest, raunchiest, smelliest , pile of shit to ever enter my shop. What can I say I love a challenge. 
 So after a whole week of just taking it apart and being very organized about it it is going to the machine shop on Friday for a deep clean and magnaflux. If it has cracks in the block then I will shit can this motor and find another. Good times for sure and actually all the important stuff looked like it is in good usable condition. I will get the crank and con rods rebuilt then order a Isky medium grind cam. New valves and lifters to go with the whole "Needs more Power" theme.Just look at the oil pan. That is like two solid inches of goo and muck. Ish
 Lets all cross fingers and blow a kiss at lady luck that this does indeed not have any major cracks.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Probably My Fave.....

 Scott from Noise cycle built this Shovel Swingarm bike quite a few years ago but is still probably my favorite Shovelhead ever built.  I do not tend to jock on others work and honestly I think the stuff he is building now is kinda boring but this bike is perfect. Little bit of flash and lots of style. I am a huge fan of squiggle lines( ie my shovel) and to me the swingarm actually makes it look better then a rigid. I like the tank mounted back a little and it gives the neck and trees a little more space. Good proportions and the pipes are flowing and make your eyes kinda surf around the bike. Guess I need to build another bike. Little seat for a little ass!

Hot Rod Top 5

Top 5 reasons to run a Flathead( my opinion)

It started it all. Before the v8 it was the dark ages. 1932 the lights turned on and teenagers everywhere on earth started hopping them up.

Proper hot rod motor for a proper hot rod. Nothing on earth says" I have a hot rod" like a Flathead. I have an issue with hot rods with late model motors. The car could be super clean a cool looking but upon further inspection it has a SBC I am like " Thumbs Down".

Too Legit Too Legit TO Quit. Or something like that. But you almost have to be a little sick in the head to want to run one of these. They are a whole different animal then a OHV motor. I have been geeking out reading about all the different tricks and tips while building this up. Next time I see a flathead that was built by its owner they will definitely get the nod of approval. I think the only other motor on par with a Flathead maybe a early Redram Hemi or the big 401 Nailhead Buick.

Questionable performance enhancing experience. Big fucking deal you can make 400 HP out of your small black for a fraction of the cost. I would imagine the torque these motors make and the personal investment will eclipse the performance aspect. I  am gonna build my motor up to about 150 whopping horse power. It will be a cruiser but Ill be damned if a honda civic will spank it. Whatever

Going the distance. I have the visioning and a questionable ability to get shit done. Hell or high water I will drive my truck by years end with a Flathead. 

As a side note I will be starting my dirtbike tomorrow hopefully. Cross your fingers and hope I can pull a wheelie or two.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gold More Gold, Gold More Gold....

So ate up right now with everything Pagan gold or within a few shades of each other. So it has been decided the 51 will be gold with a white fire wall and interior. Enjoy


I think once a winter forever I will post this picture of myself at Salina KKOA show. I spent the last 4 days in South Texas in the warm and sun. Played at the beach laid around and now I'm back in the freezing ass cold Midwest. This picture to me sums up all the things that are good about summer. Hanging out with friends, drinking lemonade and looking ridiculous. There was this little gaggle of Pin up girls with there umbrellas so I popped one in my hat and left it there all weekend. It was so fucking hot this day it actually makes me kinda sweaty just thinking about it. 3 months till spring.Boo

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mega Random Freakout!

Gonna be outta here for the next few days. So here is some visual stimulation for you. In order- I need this patch, Artsy tits rule, chopper cards ,WLP Rasberry Beret Dream bike, Watson coolness, WD40 special, Oh Anne why can't you be in the cowgirl outfit, sweet Honda, sweet digger, Barris Merc dreams,the wheels go round and round, crazy girl, broken fins and chewed up gears.