Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't call me Crispy

So I went to the shop on Sunday which I never do. It is hot as all hell in KC right now and I had the doors open and am trying to work. I was finishing up a new sissy bar for my blue bike and I look up. There is a super drunk black lady looking at me from the gate. She says to me" I just want to say Jesus loves you". I say thanks or something and then say does Jesus know your drunk? She then says" Jesus does not give a fuck if I am Drunk he loves me anyway". I start laughing and wondering when she is gonna freak out on me. She looks at me and now says" Jesus doesn't care that you are a freak, tattoo'd, drug addict, biker dude" I start laughing even harder at this comment. Anyways after about five minutes of this crazy talk she stops and looks right in my eyes and says you need a nickname. "Crispy" that is your new nickname. I say fuck no noone is calling me Crispy. She starts laughing and offers me a drink from the flask she has between her boobs. Mind you it is 11 in the morning and she is just leaving morning services. Good Times. Don',t call me Crispy

Best Part From The Best Movie Ever


It still amazes me when I see a car that has had everything done to it and it is done perfectly. I am not a huge Barris fan but when you see the work in person it is truly amazing. Give me Winfield, Ayala, Watson, Jeffries, and I am koo koo.

Two Red heads OMG

I will continue my red Head obsession with this fine video below. She Sings, plays bass, and is the cutest freaking woooomen right at this moment. Yes I am ridiculous and I don't fucking care. Check out Vivian Girls if you want to see her rocking out. As a side note she has the raddest Minor Threat tattoo on her arm. Just another plus.

Never Come Around by La Sera

Check it out

Watch this video below and get schooled. Wanda Jackson has the best voice for what she does every. Growl and sass out the ass. She was smoking hot and is still making good records.

Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good ones PT 2

KKOA Good ones

Seriously the best fucking car show I have been to in a long while. Compares to any west coast show easily. Made a few laps and then just hung out in our little compound. 1 month till Greaserama and it is gonna be huge.

Tony's new build.

Big Picture

its all in the details..

51 Wasting Gas

Thursday, July 28, 2011

1 Goddamned Year Later..................

Crazy to think I have had this truck a year. But if I stand back and think about how much work I have done a tear comes to my eye. I have had allot of old cars but I have never gave so much love and attention( money) to a vehicle ever. I also can say I did all the work on this truck excluding cutting the glass. I did have have some help from friends but that is the great part of getting dirty and just thrashing with friends. I am taking the old girl to her first car show. KKOA in Salina KS is this weekend and I can't think of a better way to celebrate our 1 year than show off the truck. I have lots more work to do but I am really just enjoying driving the piss out of it right now.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where is our Place.

It's been awhile since I unleashed some crazy thoughts on the people. So I was pondering our place in the bike world. Honestly I don't care in the slightest. The blog world is full of characters and I would rather be on the fringe. Don't get me wrong having a blog has helped the shop and actually is still fun to do. Anyone that knows me or has met the rest of the guys know we are pretty down to earth and really just love motorcycles and most of the world that encompasses it. Between the Haints, Chopperdave, Church, Born Loser, and a gammit of other blogs you can see assholes, naked girls and good used parts. I am more interested in what people are building and I don't really care if it is a chopper or cafe/custom as long as it is not stock. Going to the Born Free show really just made me happy that I get to build choppers. The midwest is years behind the times but it is a blessing in disguise. We don't have a scene of yahoo's trying to be the next big thing. Just a few guys that get it and that is gold. The Anchor is being built out of nothing. We started with nothing and now have a fairly legit bike haven. I am just happy sometimes sitting and staring at the bikes in the shop. I don't take it for granted that my customers are entrusting me with there bikes. We have had some great customers and some full on shitheels. So anyways we will keep doing what we do I hope the lack of retarded dwarves drinking 40's or trashy women passed out in biker vomit you enjoy what we are up to at the Anchor. We do everything by hand and at this point we still do not have any fancy tools. Well if you count a 60 year old lathe with a bad head than we are ruling. Doing it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Riding the 1 Highway

All the years I lived in Ventura I never rode my bike up the 1 to San Francisco. For me this was definitely a highlight of the trip. WE rode up the 101 to SLO and then jumped over to 1 in Morro Bay. Unreal how clean the water looks compared to So. cal beaches. Water is still freaking freezing. Anyways if you ever get the chance just make a crazy trip hit the 1 up and get ready for some scenery and some serious switch backs.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Check it out

So the video below is from John at Vintage Torque. He shot some footage of the bike shop and us ripping around KC last year. I guess he is in the editing faze and there is some cool shots of us and the whole Greaserama weekend. Enjoy.

Vintage Torque 7 Upload.flv

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Major Repair # 2 Salina Utah

Shea says" Man my bike is making allot of noise."
Ricky says" Sounds like a valve adjuster is lose, we can fix it tonight.". 300 miles later we get to the camp sight. I was right in thinking it was lose. I was quite surprised when we found it was gone. # 3 cylinder had no intake adjuster or lock nut. We pull off the valve cover and found the obvious signs of it bouncing all over in the top end before being pulled down the timing chain to the bottom end. After the initial OH SHIT moment we make some calls and have one coming our way via Jay in SLC. What Michael did was look around our local environment the next morning and came upon a junk yard in the middle of the desert Utah. Found the only Honda motor in the entire place and to boot it was half buried in the muck.. 2 dollars later we were well on our way to Las Vegas. Jay brought the spare one and the adjuster is still in the bottom end. Hondas are freaking bullet proof.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I know I know

I will try and write words to the picture but really if you weren't where then it is a little hard to understand . We rode thru the Nevada desert into Las Vegas in the late afternoon. It was the hottest I have ever been in my life. I believe the temp was115 degrees but the heat off the black top was choking us out. All at different times we almost puked. I drank almost a gallon of water and almost killed myself . We said allot of funny and retarded stuff in two weeks but at this very stop all I could say was. " It is hotter than Satan's Asshole". Everyone knew I was right and we pushed on..

Sweet Bro Tatz

Yeah we are lame but when I am 80 years old this tattoo will still be awesome and you will still be lame as fuck. Bearded Hobbits are 3 deep now. Hand Hugs and Fuck Two Wheels until my ass heals.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Devils Gourge

I believe this is Utah still. Look out point and a crazy deep canyon. We sat on the edge and threw rocks off. Yep we would be dead if we fell. There was a little old native women selling wares right under this sign. It was funny as hell because it was the first thing Michael saw when we pulled in. Once again my camera does not do it justice but you get the point. I look fucking ragged at this point.


It was a little harder to figure out some of these because they were all over my face. A natural sun screen. UGGGHH

Real Big Trees and Yosemite

After we left my moms place we rode up to the Redwood national park. Really big trees. I had been there before but the rest of the guys were impressed. "OMG whose are really big trees". Next was a truly shit ride through Yosemite. It was pretty and all but the 36 degree temp and freezing rain[sleet] kinda blew. Michael doing the jiggle wiggle sums that up. There are huge waterfalls all over and most of the roads had 6 inches of water running over them. Hit almost 10,000 feet going over Tioga pass. Bikes don't like that and rain. Talk about gutless backfiring turds. We dropped out of Cali and into Nevada. Then enjoyed one of the best rides ever.