Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Check this out.

Tony has picked up the Past in Time name again and will be slaving away in his hole for all that need it. If you need your Jap bike worked on he is the man to get a hold of. He does killer paint and is damn good at putting a bike together. He is a true bike lover and that should say it all. Check out his blog at www.pastintimecycle.blogspot.com

Smut My Wife Brings Me.

This goes with the theme of my life. I love old Motorsickles, Old Cars/trucks, Old music, old music equipment, and old porn. So there.

Good stuff

Thanks for the extra cylinder it will come in handy. Yep I would only use this if it were the last fucking 1000cc cylinder on earth and even then I don't know. The good stuff were a brand new set of pistons, New valves and springs and Andrew q grind cams new in the box. Other then that this motor is just getting shelved I think. I can buy a running bike for the money it would cost to build this pile. Noot is off the hook on this one.

Holy Cluster Fuck

3 easy steps to find out I'm screwed. Finally got to looking through the boxes and pulled the tranny out and BANG. Looks like this damn thing was 20,000 leagues under the sea. With the bad there was some good.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Done with Leftovers

Forgot to take a pic of the done bike yesterday. Not bad really Started it last Friday and rode it yesterday. Fairly fast for a little bike. It has 6 gears and I used a way smaller back sprocket so I took off and it was like shift, shift , shift ,shift, shift ,shift. See it even looks like allot of shifting. Got it up into 6th and was seriously scaring me how fast I was going. Fun today I buttoned up the wiring and tweaked on the carb but it was raining all morning so no more test rides. Shea and I got the chrome stuff together and I am gearing up for the 81 motor build. Should be cool but I am missing a ton of little parts for the motor. All that means is more money. Been nice to just thrash on a bike and get it done. I take so much time building my bikes that I kinda forget that a simple no dollar bike is just as fun to build. As a whole I personally just can't get behind Jap bikes anymore. I have been there, done that kinda thing and at this point in my life I want a god damned BI G TWIN in a bad way. When I get like this I usually drive myself crazy but I always get what I want in the end. I have started my seed money and we will see what transpires. Thanks and have a great night.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Watch this then look up the rest. Watched this about 1000 times

Early Black Flag Kills

All time greatest.

Left overs is Sold Already

Looks like Ben is gonna get the Leftovers. Should have it done in the next week or so. Been kinda fun just thrashing a bike together. All my money is going into a Shovel head pot. 1 dollar at a time until I can get a good running bike to start with. There are all kinds of bikes for sale right now and all I have is lint filling up my pockets. Suppose to have a ton of customers drop there bikes off and you know how many have come. Zero, zilch, none and you know I don't miss them at all. Sending off a big pile for chrome plate this week and then on to the 81 motor. Should be fun and really expensive!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leftovers hits the streets

Bike has already been Named" Leftovers". Pretty much had all this stuff laying around. Got a free 1983 Suzuki Gs450 and that is the motor going in. So here is the list so far.750 Honda front end, Ironhead Frame, 500t Honda rear wheel, tins from Sheas bike as well as the sissy bar. Old highway pegs kinda in the forward position. It will be kick shift set up and I moved the brakes to the front. Seat I bought at Born Free and until now it never looked good on anything. 2 into 1 Mac pipe with a kick up sets off the exhaust not to mention the one fishtail I have been putting on every bike for years. 12" apes look killer and really put the bike into biker territory. I am gonna make a 2 into 1 intake with a Mikuni kick out the side a little. All that is left is the coil mounts and a battery box/electronics to be figured out. Not bad for one day of work. This will be for sale as soon as it is done look out for progress pics.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Already Been Two Years.......

New Mexico trip in 2010. On the way home we killed 700 miles in a single day on rigid manly type bikes. True Story

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kick Start Till My Heart Stops

Anamosa Revisited

I remember about 7 years ago wanting a Sportster but never really having a way to get into one. I have had almost every type and brand of motorcycle out there but until I got my Ironhead I had never truly loved any of them. Sure they are a pain in the ass but all old motorbikes are. Once you get into your bike and want to know how shit works that is the point you truly own a motorcycle. If you just want to ride then buy a new bike, push a button and away you can go. When you invest 100's of hours building a bike that is the true meaning of love. Anyway I had some good riding this weekend and I hope some of you folks out there did also. Sportsters are amazing if you take the time and work out all the tweaker repairs and bad tuning some other ass did. Buy the manual, read every god damn word like it is the bible and at some point it starts sinking in. Best advice I can give.

Family Cruising

This little Falcon would be perfect for hauling the family around in. With all the new fangled car seats, booster seats I can only fit one kid in the truck.

Chevy Love

I have to say that this Chevy is at the pinnacle of cool. Haven't seen it in a few years but looking around the harddrive and there it was. Every little detail is perfect. Perfect chop, stance, color, etc etc etc. This very well may be the next style car I build. We shall see.

When Punk Was Something To be Proud of!

Fuck Soft Cell get schooled

Frog Rock

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ironhead 4.0

Finished up the old girl today. I would like to think every time I redo this bike I am improving but this time I know for damn sure I have. Buell master cylinder and my insane ISR dual caliper set up. 2 two piston calipers is a far cry better than my old GMA set up. Needed a bigger master cylinder to push enough fluid. It was a MFer to bleed all four pistons but I think I got the last little booger of air out and should be able to slide this thing all over the place. Repainted the tins after a gnarly fish eye problem and molded in the neck. I will be riding on Saturday. Later

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two For Real

Seeing that you can go back to when this little man was born on here, I can't believe he is two already. Happy Birthday Ian. Styling and profiling.