Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet sounds

So I couldn't figure out how to flip the video. I am computer tarted. Any ways the cycle started on the second kick and was a cinch to dial in so far. Did the first heat cycle and shot this on the second one. Should be able to go and ride it tomorrow. So glad it is done. On to Customers bikes with a fever.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some May Say....

Some may say I can't leave anything alone. This I can only shrug and say "Yes this is true". Found some good used 2 over legs so I went for it. Rebuilt the whole front end and it is 4 inches lower now and rides supreme. Just got back from a nice little ride with Mike and Shea. 80 degrees out and perfect. Had to leave out the preload spacers because the bike is so light it was making the front end rigid. Put 10wt fork oil and now it is like a greasy ninja down the road. Not to mention it sits level again. After the derake the stance was a little up in the air.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Well here it is all FUCKING done. Spent all day wiring, bleeding, tightening, adjusting, filling, cussing, etc etc. It was a long day but I should be able to start it tomorrow. So far I love it even though it is already leaking on the primary side. Those tin covers are to flimsy to stop the very expensive oil it it leaking out. Oil was allot cheaper in 1963 for sure. Anyways when it fires I will take some video of it and share thanks and if you blinked it took me almost 5 months of scrounging, saving, cussing, selling, hustling, and not sleeping to put this one together.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sissy bars

The stance is good Shea has not had a thumbs up pic in awhile. So here you go.

Chrome Makes It Home!

Finally got my chrome bits back. Once the sting went away I unwrapped my goodies. Makes all the difference in the world. So I got the front end all buttoned up and damn near got the rest of the bike put together tonight. There are a couple of last minute items to get but over all it looks like a motorcycle at least. I finished up the risers and polished them out. Good times and it is so close it is killing me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Abandoned - Killed By Faith (1985)

The Lords of Altamont - "Save Me (From Myself)"

Weekend - Coma Summer

Converge - The Saddest Day

Johnny Cash - I Hung My Head

Top 5 Saturday

So like most weeks I have been listening to allot of music. So Top five records of this week.

Number 1. Johnny Cash-Solitary Man- I think he is the best there ever was, will be, or to come. Every song on here is perfect and that is all I can say. Do yourself a favor and buy all the American recordings records.

Number 2. Converge-Petitioning the Sky- Absolutely the best 90's hardcore record period. It is a mix of blast beats and slow churning death. The record has been played in the thousands of times and it never gets old. One of the only Hardcore bands that has gone the distance and never sucked. They consistently make good records and are still making good records. I believe they just had there 20th year ep come out. Crazy

Number 3. Weekend- Sports- So this is my go to morning record. The first track is simply happy and loud. Then the record gets a little slower and the songs just mellow out. Very My Bloody Valentine and in a good way. Lots of layered guitar and the singing is there but not really in the mix. Good driving music, good working music, good music.

Number 4. The Lords of Altamont-To hell with- So I will just say I love fuzzed out garage rock and these fellows do it well. No B.S. here just straight up rock and roll all with the guitars on 11. Songs about motorcycles, girls, juvenile delinquency, etc etc. Most of the guys have been in bands for years so the y have skills. Jake is a great frontman and he can toss around a Farfisa organ like it is a toy. You can listen to all there records and not tell which one is which and that is a good thing.

Number 5. Abandoned - Killed by Faith- After the Adolescents broke up Tony the Singer went on to the Abandoned. The years of signing the same songs had taking there toll so with this new band he went insane. The songs are ripping 80's punk but a little heavier. The title track Killed by Faith is my fave but the Black Widow is a a close second. I searched for 7 years to find this record. Then the Adolescents came to town 20 years later and I asked Tony about the Abandoned. He was very cool and excited that I had brought up this band. We sat and talked a minute and mentioned that I searched for 7 years to find that record. He says he has like a hundred copies in his closet that the label gave him. Fuck

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mike's Sr 500 Is about done.

Did the first round of kicking on this thing today. Turned out pretty killer and is another feather in the hat for me. Hopefully I will figure out the no spark issue tonight and he can go riding soon. The overall look and stance are spot on. Mike had a good idea of what he wanted and now he has the bike looking proper. I will shoot some video as soon as the wheelies happen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crack Pipe

I know I know I have posted pics of my bike before but this is a little love note. The weather is insane out right now and being able to ride on a daily basis in March is a god send. Nothing like getting off work and just ripping the streets up for the ride home. Blow off steam, piss off the crackies, piss off the guy in the Escalade, fuck them all when I am on my bike I am at war and they are all the enemy. Sure I have fun but at there expense always. Get out and ride your goddamn bike I say.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Killer Diller

Every time I see this bike anywhere I fall in love all over again. Seriously one of the best thought through bikes out of Japan in years. Sure it mixes some styles up but the flow is unreal and if I didn't already love this bike I would build one just like it. Whatever

Sunday Top 1

Missed Saturday top 5 so this will be a Sunday number1 week. I found a new blog I have been digging this week. Go check out the Go Away Garage blog and see what he has going on. Pulled this insanely hot redhead from his blog. Thanks

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Fun Day

Got my powdercoated items back this week. Finished painting all my other bits so today I started putting it all back together. It is so nice when you can take your time a put one of these bikes together. I went and spent a small fortune on new Stainless nuts and bolts. I had Pete in the club do the seat for me and I do say it is insane how cool it turned out. Not to over the top but just enough, Big Iron is a perfect name for the Iron head and we all know it is the best band in town. Just waiting on the chrome and it will get finished up. I spent crazy hours getting all the little bits polished or painted and new wires from Rhode Island so everything matches. I'd say in the next week it will be running. Thanks to Noot and Pete for the help.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Good Stuff

Oh my Redheaded Girl

Minor Threat - Seeing Red

Youth of Today - Flame Still Burns(live at the Oakland Metro)

Man Lifting Banner - Still Straight

Gorilla Biscuits, 'New Direction' - 5/28/2011

Chain Of Strength - Live in Connecticut, USA (1988)

Top 5 Saturday

Many people know but some don't that I have been into straight edge music and have always been straight since 86'. So I don't care what other people do or don't do. I do know that in the early days for me it saved my life and gave me a reason to not turn into a wastoid. So with that I am gonna list my top 5 Straight Edge bands of all time.

Number 1. Minor Threat- They started it all and really did it the best. Blistering fast songs, good lyrics and the angst that youth still has. I have listened to this record so many times in 26 years that honestly it is apart of who I am. I once was at a party and some crusty punk kid and me where talking about music and he said Minor Threat sucked. So I punched him in the mouth real hard. He laid there for a while. Minor Threat is the best period.

Number 2. Youth of Today- Holy smoke this band brings up so much emotion that it is hard sometimes to decipher. They were always super posi but at the same time insanely pissed off. Ray the singer went on to ruin hardcore when he turn Krishna and a whole bunch of dumbass kids followed. In 88 I saw them live and let me tell you if you could have bottled up all the energy in that room it could have powered LA for a month. Every record they did is amazing so go get them.

Number 3. Man Lifting Banner- This is one of those obscure Swedish bands that I stumbled upon. Not only a straight edge band but also a communist band. Weird for a kid in LA to listen to this and wonder what the hell they are talking about. Anyways the music is so fucking good and the lyrics have depth and meaning. I always liked super fast punk rock and this band is up there with the best. All the members went on to other bands and are still active in the scene in sweden.

Number 4. Gorilla Biscuits- Start today was the record to bring back hardcore. Song after song the fellows just wrote killer tracks. All the members are from other NY bands and had a great song writing ability. A couple a ep's and one full length but it is off the charts. Civ the singer had his own band for a little bit in the 90's but it basically sucked. Gorilla biscuits has been playing some shows and it looks to be killer.

Number 5. Chain of Strength- Cali hardcore at its best. This is one of those bands we woul drive like 3 hours to go see every chance we got. I remember a summer in 89 I believe we saw them with Judge and Instead at Spankys in Riverside. It was insane that show. Chain always was good live and the records are pretty damn close to the live set. I remember Curtis the singer always dressed like a preppy douche bag but he could scream his ass off. For So Cal bands they are still the best.

Runners up include- Uniform Choice, Carry On, SSD, Cro Mags, Social Justice, Downcast, Etc Etc

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some Art I Dig

SR 500 Fab Work Done.

Well did a bunch of stripping and building this week. Got the loop made as well as the seat pan and foam shaped. Cut all the old brackets and doo dads off. I want the frame totally clean when you look through it. I cut down a filter and now that is also real clean looking. After a bunch of bars I like the drag bars best. The bike is so small they feel real tight and keeps the line of the bike flowing kinda race style. Firestone tires make all the difference if you ask me and a good decision for the overall look for the bike. Next week the seat will be covered and the tank goes to paint. Good fun