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Monday, June 21, 2010

Ready for the next trip.

Already looking forward to planning the next trip. Here is a list of stuff I will be fixing or replacing on the Ironhead.
SEAT-the goddamn seat was the worst. I have two large bruises now on my ass. Every big bump I was screaming like I was having my toe nails pulled off with pliers.
BARS- Love these bars but with the new seat I need some that pull back
FOOTPEGS- Mids rule for around town but 10 hrs into a ride I would have loved to move them a little.
FORKSEALS- Duh with out good seals you don't have good dampening. Every big pothole or bridge I experienced a slam from the fork legs banging the tree. It sucked bad and everytime I would pucker up and just hang on.

All kinds of Broken shit 2

My left hand is swollen up to elephant man size. The death grip for 16 hrs will do it to you. Super high tech seat padding and the rest are just the broken stuff.

Pathetic show

There was some cool bikes but as a whole the show blew. The Horse dudes need to pull there head out from under the rocks. Well thats my rant for now. Not too mention that no Anchor bikes won. WTF

Broken shit.

Well like most people I can't look away from a trainwreck. I thought I would break down the breakdowns.
Ricky's bike- Battery toasted so I rode the last 100 miles following matt's headlight. Both seat spring bolts snapped off seat pan. Hardware store run and repair. Fork seals were weepy before we left but they are freaking blown out now. Leaked out every drop of fluid on to my legs. Had oil plug on tank blow off twice. Every time I really got on it it would blow off. oops
Matt's bike- Spare gas tank decided it want to fall on the tire. I guess the gas spraying all over the tire made Matt just throw it in the ditch. Jacket also decided to jump into the tire/fender area and got shredded. Carb came off once do to poor running but was handled in about 5 minutes. Really his bike did killer and is now a road warrior.
Tony's 750- Well his was the first one to give us fits. Blown tube on the side of the road about 150 miles from Santa Rosa. We tried to patch it 2 times on the side of the road but because we tried fix a flat first the patch would not hold. Some dudes with a trailer picked him up and made it into NM. Lost both bolts on his sissy bar/fender mount. Carbs falling off. TOO MUCH OIL IN TANK. Sorry I forgot to mention the guys from the Clovis Harley dealership. Bert rode up to the show on Saturday and brought us a new tube and strip. We changed the tube out in the hotel room and made it all the way back. Not to mention the many stops due to no petrol.
Three Anchor bikes, four days,1500 miles, good times.

Road tripping

We Live!

Well folks we all made it back in one piece. All three of our bikes ran tip top and made it 1500+ miles in good time. I am not gonna lie and say nothing happened but we handled it in stride. Yesterday was probably the best day of riding in my life. We left Santa Rosa,NM at 6:30 in the morning. The temp outside was about 70 and really was a good start for the day. We put down some good miles while it was cool. It quickly got hotter than hell. We had a bunch of stops and starts. I walked in my door at 11:30 last night. I look like a Zombie and smelled like one too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the road..

Alittle update from the anchor crew as they take off west.. they made it to alittle town in texas about 560 miles with not one problem...not bad for a 68 ironhead and a 72 cb750.. day two will take them into santa rosa.. no pictures from the road so i found one i felt appropriate to fill the spot..

Jake's bike going home..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If you want...

We are leaving kc at about 8:00 am on Thursday. We are taking 35 south till we hit 54 in Wichita. There we will head west and stay off the super slab. Two lane it all the way across Kansas, Texas and Ok. We are gonna try and get to Dalhart ,OK Thursday night. Wake up Friday and make it into Santa Rosa by the afternoon. We will be leaving Sunday and try and make it to Wichita for the night. Then finish it up on Monday. If you live anywhere on route and want to hook up with us hit me up with your # and where you are at. We are gonna stop when ever and how ever many times we feel. This is my big vacation this year so I am gonna soak it up. 1500 miles in 5 days and hanging out that is the word surfing bird. Tony and I both packed super tool bags and extra everything. I but on a different sissybar and now I have everything strapped solid as F@#K. 1 gallon of extra gas, oil ,rain gear,tool bag and a very limited supply of fashionable clothing. Anyways if we don't have any major malfunctions we will be there friday. Later

Monday, June 14, 2010

1 year ago

Hole smoke it has been a year since I started the Ironhead project. Well to celebrate I am gonna ride this bike to the Smokeout. We are leaving on Thursday and should be a fun trip. The weather has been super iffy all year but we are all prepared. This was my deadline. I said I was gonna ride it to the Smokeout and by god it is gonna happen. Tony ,Matt, Sean, Johnny maybe and I are all rolling so if you are there feel free to say high. We will document the whole thing as we go

OK so....

We went so fast on Jake's build that it is already done and we went and rode it today. I have to admit this bike rides killer. Super light and handles great. Pipes sound good and have some grit to them. Anyways check out this mans smile and that will tell you what he thought. Took us about 20 hrs and is way under 2grand. Jake will be styling out in the burbs.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

car chow today

My fellow Punk Rods are putting on a benefit for Todd Karnahan. He has cancer and all the proceeds are going to his bills. The show is at the Record Bar and starts at 3. There are three bands playing and the admission is 20 dollars.Todd is one of those guys that would help out anybody so here is your chance to help a truly good dude out. If you can not make it you can give a donation at will post pics tomorrow

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sitting pretty

Who doesn't like thick girls and the Anchor bikes?Who I say?

Vintage bike show in KC

Anchor guys invade the vintage bike show. If you are like me you love seeing old iron. I don't give a flying monkey ass about new shit but when I see old ride-able bikes I know I have chosen the right path. It has the same effect as charging a dead battery. That drag bike is the best thing in the world(it would be better if it ran). Anyways there were lots of different bikes, the weather was great and that my friends is a good day in my book

Jake up date Pt 2

Seeing that Jake is on a budget we are reusing as many pieces as possible.We got all the fab work done and with Tony and I working elbow to elbow we did it in two afternoons. 4 inch stretch and 4 down got the bike looking lean and skinny. F@#$ Tc bros and there POS hardtails. Anchor built one piece at a time is the only way. I wanted to try some ideas with the bars and I think they are killer. Pipes are simple and get it out towards the back. Everything is mocked up we will blow it apart on Monday night and do the tighten up with the welder. Enjoy

Vintage Motorcycle show

come check out our bikes.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chopper Glory

Some shots from Anamosa