Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random stuff/ Ironhead Fever

Jay's Ironhead motor

Just got my buddy Jays motor all buttoned up. Noot and his pop did all the machining and I put it all together. As  of now all the repairs were as follows. Stripped drain plug, broken rear motor mount, 5 broken or stripped holes on the primary side, one barrel stud was JB welded in, there were no barrels, no Pistons, nothing in the heads, no hardware, and two rockers had giant chips/ hard faces fucked. So after many repairs and hustling, many parts sourced, a trip to Iowa and fighting to get it together it's all done. Every bike build should be started with a solid motor. The heart is the most important. Everything else is just fluff after the motor. Thanks again Noot Sr. and Jr. For the machining and head work I only use the Nootnagels! Should be a ripper.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Good stuff

Well the weather has been absolute shit. Been listening to a lot of music and trying to get caught up at the shop. Lots of wiring going on at the moment. Leaving Friday for MamaTried so that should be fun. I'll make sure to take a ton of pics. Getting ready to move shops again. Not gonna lie I'd rather hit myself with a hammer multiple times then move shops again. Got to do it so no point in hitting myself with hammers I suppose?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Santa Fe Trail Show

Brought Ambers bikes out to Lawrence for the Santa Fe Trail bike show. Of course it snowed and then froze solid throughout the day. Got a lot of good feedback from both bikes so that's good. Built the hub for a spool out of a Ironhead single disc hub. Oldman Jim laced and trued it with new chrome spokes. Whipped up this sissy bar on Dans  sportster. High mounted the tank, moved the coil, key, and but the zombie performance bars on. Rides pretty good and looks spot on.