Saturday, September 24, 2011


Like I posted below we are moving into a new shop space. Here it is in all its glory. Dave is insane and had the frame work up before I even new we were working on the shop last saturday. Many trips to Home Depot later and 1 week I finished all the paint and floor coating today. I ran outlets every 4 feet and will never have to run another extension cord. All we have left to do is the lights and put in the ceiling tiles. Well then move in but that is the fun part. The change will be good and I want the new space to function like a well oiled machine. No more taking in jobs I don't want to do just to pay the rent. So If you have a cool bike (no xs 650's) hit me up and I will give it some needed attention. Remember kids winter is here and it is the best time for chopping.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All Kinds of crazy............

Yep as always we have all kinds of craziness going on. We are rapping up the bikes we have in the shop. Starting in Oct we will be moving to the new shop. More space and way less money, it has to be done. I can't wait to never ever have to work on another XS 650 to pay the bills. Tony is moving his stuff back home and Johnny and I will be moving into the new digs. So look out for some pics and we will be real busy building up walls and moving all our crap.. Did I mention the new space has a killer half pipe!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Old Man Kurt

Well if you remember every year at Greaserama Old man Kurt comes to the show and always has a treat for me. He is one solid old dude and has some amazing stories about riding choppers in the day and he also has some bitchin cars. Anyways he found these at some junk shop and bought for me. 1939 Oakland Calif racing pics. So freaking cool.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Motorcycle wheels go round so do pits

Falcon on the Brain

And I'm not talking about the overly done overly priced bikes. I'm talking bout this insane Falcon Wagon. You never see these and you damn well never see them done this nice. I would give every bike I own and a big toe to own this car. Thank god the owner said he would never sell it. Anyways enjoy.

Looks Fast and is Stupid Fast

Having some fun with the Scrambler. It is amazing what changing some bars, seat and wheel can do. Anyways I haven't ridden it much since the trip. I wanted a little more vintage Cafe feel and I think I nailed it. Made the seat pan and cut the back of a xs 650 gas tank to make the bubble. Euro flat track bars flipped on some Harley risers. Put a spool back on the front after I installed some new bearings. I was ripping up midtown this morning. The weather has been insanely good and at 6 in the morning there are no people out on the road to hit me. Any ways enjoy.

Adjust a Wrench

So on out trip we used this Adjust-A-Wrench everyday. It really is a little odd tool. Looks like a super janky crescent wrench but the hole is the part that opens. It has two hex sections that are the clamping device. Anyways The most Awesome Michael from Flying Weasel bought one for Shea and I to share. So we popped Tony's Adjust a Wrench cherry putting together Shea's front end. It has the Thumb of approval.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Trade Trade Trade

I am gonna feel this out. I am interested in trading this fine 1976 Ironhead for a new project. Everything on the bike has been gone through and is in solid one kick running condition. I just gave it this candy paint job and is ready for a new home. Bill of sale only. What I am looking for is a Evo Sportster mid 90's to early 2000's. Solid Hot Rod project 1936 and earlier or maybe a solid Lowrider car. What do you have? Hit me up and we can do some chopper trading. E-mail

Greaserama Cars Sunday

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bikes from Sunday

I went ahead and left out all the xs 650's. Sorry but if you have seen one janky xs you have seen them all. As for these bikes they are all legit and I have to say the Pan with the fat bobs was killer. Sounded so good just putting around. Webb is stoked on his little 500 Tiger I finished up for him last week. And of course my little Orange bike had to make a appearance. Thanks everybody for stopping by and saying hi.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Greaserama pics 2011

Some super neat stuff showed up this year. Nice change from some years in the past. More pics tomorrow.