Monday, June 20, 2011

Well folks I ate a big slice of Humble Pie

120 miles into the trip I fried another battery. The cause is a v twin regulator. Straight up fried 2 batteries in a week. Other than that my bike was running top notch. Sean came and rescued me and I will leave on the Triunph early in the morning and try and catch up to the fellows. Shit sandwich sitting for 4 hours on the 70. Saw a hundred bikes and only one stopped.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seriously, no seriously WTF

We'll one day till we split. Took inventory of the have to have items and then a pile of the if they fit items. To me this looks like allot of stuff. To my wife this is way to much. She was like WTF how are you gonna fit all that on your bike. 3 times packing it up and taking it off and I think I figured it out. It is gonna suck straight up. But I fit it all so if the shit hits the fan I will just start throwing stuff to the wind. Fuck how needs a sleep mat anyway? Wait I do. I also got a new phone with a fairly decent camera built in so you should see updates as the trip progresses or digresses, which ever come first. Feel free to text me now also it feels weird to have a new fancy phone but you are also talking to a dude that had never used a computer until he was 30. I borrowed my bosses side bag and he made explicit instructions to be nice to them. So I cut some holes in the side and ran some hose clamps to hold them on. Thanks pal.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dice Des Moines

Well i don't think I will ever try and ride in a pack of 13 for 200 miles ever again. The only problem we had going up was a gas cap jumped off. We found it and were on out way pretty quick like. Shea and I are leaving next week and I wanted to flog the Ironhead a little and see if anything else needed to be addressed. It doesn't need a thing. We rode 200 miles up, hung out 3 hours and then blasted straight back home. That makes 400+ miles and a million stops. Got to talk with Tom Fugle and let me just ay that he has to be one of the coolest old school chopper dudes ever. His Pan was there with the crazy fishtails and to see this bike in person was unreal. Got to hang out with Noot and see some cool bikes. Thanks Kung Fu

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saturday fellows

If you have thought at all about the ride to the Dice party get it together. Everybody will be at the shop on Saturday by 10 in the morn to split. Weather looks killer and it should be a little cooler than it has been. No rain and 400 hundred miles to throw down. I will be looking for grain elevators and tractors.