Saturday, July 31, 2010

shop v3.0

finishing touches...

the final touch to complete a killer look..

*For Sale*

only serious buyers need respond..

Monday, July 26, 2010


new tank, fender, seat, paint, pipes....

cha cha cha changes..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good thoughts

Digger update

In one foul swoop I have got all the parts I needed. Swap meet today I scored a front motor mount, 19 mag, foot pegs, crazy little shocks off of something. As for the Ironhead I kept looking at it thinking that something just did not look right. There was a gap in between the seat and fender and the oil tank was like floating in the middle. So this week end the wife and kids were out of town so I tore the tank seat and fender off and worked out some new magic. I bought some new Paughco upswept pipes a new flip fender and I already had the new super cushy for your tushy seat made. I also decided I needed to change the tank out. Peanut tank in place it all fell together fairly easily. I moved the oil bag up 4 inches and floated the new fender up pretty high and ran it into the oil bag. New Stainless sissy bar sitting straight up. On top of that I repainted all the tins . Two days time and it looks good. The wife has the camera so this week I will post some new and much improved pics. Next I believe I will change out the rear wheel to a spoke wheel with MK11 rubber.

Chopper Glory

Funniest thing is that this guy was pissed because he could not find any taller risers. Shit Flanders come on! Anyways I pilfered this from the inter web

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A customer brought in this killer dohc cafe for us to finish..motor rebuilt fabrication and assembly..anchor anchor anchor

This tank was supposed to be powedercoated candy blue.. a poor powdercoating job salvaged by lace and lines...anchor.

start of a new build.. we have a lot of work to do.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Oh Why did I do it.

Looking through some old bike pics and found this gem. 1970 r5 Yamaha. Super clean and I got it cheap. Anyways this is the motor that ended up in the red bike. Should have left it alone and just rode it. I will never learn.

Rolling out

One of my buddies is putting this little party together. Should be a good time all around. If you like riding your bike, causing damage to your liver, and not sleeping then this is your bag baby. As it gets closer I will post some more info.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heirlooms, dreams, and diggers

Well since the Smokeout I have been a little burned out. Just trying to get back into the swing of working 70+ hours a week. We have the worst bike that has ever entered our doors at the present. It is the most cobbled together JANKY pile of shit I have had to work on in a while. Lucky for us the owner wants it put in order. Any ways I will get to the meat of this post. Ever since I can remember I have wanted my grandpa's truck. He bought a 1951 ford pu in 1951 and drove it untill he died in 96. All three of my uncles drag raced it at different times and then it went back into daily driving status when they but a 302, c4, 9 in.rear end in it. Every few years I would start in on my uncles about the truck and I would always get that one of them was gonna restore it blah blah blah. Well lets just say that pestering will pay off if you are willing to wait. 36years of wanting this truck and now it is on its way to me. This is the only kind of heirloom I would want. It has good history, It is in fairly good shape and I should be able to get it rode worthy in a couple of week ends. I will post some pics as soon as it arrives. It has been sitting in a barn for 14 years so I am sure there are some things that will have to be attened to but I am gonna take my time with this one and do it right. I bought the digger project off Tony and will be assembling parts for that . Have almost everything already but the details are gonna make me lose sleep. Root beer metal flake paint, gold 19 mags front and rear, 6 over 39mm sportster forks, pull backs, You get the picture. Thanks for listening and we have some bikes leaving soon so if you need some work done give us a ring.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

swapmeet sunday = seats
the anchor knows pullbacks...

narrowed "t-ed" and turned...