Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 Days Out

  I can't say I got everything I may need but if I can't fix it with this stuff then I am gonna be fucked. I use all my past road side fixes and the possibilities of all the rest into account when putting this tool bag together. It is a mix of what I have to have and what weighs the least. The tail light went on today because the saddlebags I have on are covering the taillight and I needed to have at least a decent brake light. Easy as bolting it up and splicing it into the brake switch. When I get back just take it off. So fucking nervous but excited at the same time. I do think this will be the longest solo ride of my life and I am ready as I am gonna be. Here is the list
  Tools- Bought the biggest opening crescent wrench so I have at least one thing that do all the big stuff as well as be used as a hammer. You can see all the general stuff. Had to pack 2 1/2 wrenches so I can do my pushrods on the fly. One of each socket and then I run a bolt through them so they are getting lost in the bag. Etc Etc
  Misc crap. Light bulbs, hose clamps, nuts and bolts, zip ties, extra wire and some alligator clips. The multi meter is a must if you have road side electrical gremlins. The Harbour Freight one is cheap and very small and gets the job done. This little guy has been everywhere with me and still works like a champ. Extra spark plugs, points, and condenser. Spare head gasket and primary belt as well as some o-rings for a Shovelhead intake manifold. Tire spoons, patch kit and a small pump. After Tony had his tire issue on the road I do not go anywhere with out some spoons and patch kit. Small bicycle pump works killer and is tiny. 

I got all this stuff in two small chopper size tool bags. Both fit in one side of my saddle bags as well as a extra quart of oil. all that is left to do is pack some tshirts and go. See you all in a week or so.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

KKOA 2013

Just got in from the trip out to Salina. The Swiss Miss did killer, No issues at all. Well besides the color that is currently on it which is terrible. Soon to be remedied. So I love this show and look forwards to it every year. The only show I make a effort to drive my truck to. So in years past Salina is so fucking hot you have to decide if the show is worth possibly dieing for.  Friday night arethe drags and they were awesome as always. This year we woke up to a cloudy down right cold 58 degrees. Holy shit it was amazing and after a few laps we hauled ass back on Saturday afternoon. So check out the pics and now its time for Top 5
 Top 5 Reasons for getting a tattoo

Number 1. They are fucking permanent. Piercings are temporary, hair color washes out, wacky clothes get changed but a sweet gnarly tattoo on your hand is forever.

Number 2. They are totally cost effective. You will never, ever be able to spend that kinda money on anything ever in your life and get to keep it, your entire life.As well as a little bit after.

Number 3. You can think you are the only asshole with a original old school chopper tattoo. I damn well know I have the only Chopper Hermit on earth. 

Number 4. Mind over Matter. Tattoo's fucking suck. They hurt and anyone that says different is a liar. It feels like you won a world war after you get one. How much pain can you handle? Well get your throat done and you will find out my friends.

Number 5. You only live once. Fuck it right why think about the next twenty years when you can go get a blaster and be all happy for a day. Instant gratification at it's best. Even now right after I get a new piece I look at it for a week then never think about it again. On to the next one. Always in pursuit of the one that will make me a wizard.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Oh Why?

Why didn't I just leave this bike alone. Just so happened to find these two pics of the 77 Ironhead that eventually ended up as Dave's digger. Well actually I just realized that this is Shea's bike, well the frame is. Fuck so out of this one bike there was born two. Sweet. Tank is on my Sportster and the narrowed fender is on Amber's bike. Front wheel ended up on Shea's 750 and the rear is on Jesse's Ironhead. How's that for product recycling. This thing was pretty killer to ride around . Super small and I loved the two 19's front and rear. I sold this 41 mm shaved front end and have regretted it ever since. So if you bought a 2 under 41mm front end with Mullins trees and would like to sell them back to me I am game just email me, Please. Wondering where this seat ended up. These pics are over two years ago. Time, where does it go?

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Oh so that is how my bike is supposed to run. Let me just be the first to admit the folks at S&S know more than I do. Like a lot more actually. This is not a drag bike or Hot Rod it was built to be a tractor. You know what tractors need? A fucking aircleaner and the correct jets in the carb. Let me just say I have never had this bike running like it is running right now. Idle is perfect and at all speeds and in between the bike is running flawless. Also with the correct jets and air cleaner I think my fuel consumption just about tripled. Not really but I bet I get another 20 miles out of that tank and that is like a whole extra reserve. Fucking awesome. Sure the thing is as big as my gas tank, sure everybody has one on there bike. You know why ?  Because the people at S&S know there shit. Being a chopper dude is lame some times. I hate the way it looks but for right now performance trumps fashion. 11 days till I shove off. Big thanks to Ed Bennett for hooking me up with the filter set up. I greatly appreciate it.

 Side note for all punk rock old guys. Check out the label on the old Revelation record. It fucking says write for catalog. This is how you found out about new music. You had to make a effort and search out this shit. It wasn't as easy as click and go service. Being a punk rocker meant you invested time and spent all your money on actual records because there were no Ipods or Itunes. Notice there is also no list of all there wack ass personal shit. No Face Fuck, Myspace, twitter, instajam, nothing. It just says write for catalog. I miss these days and if I had real wizard powers I would crash every cell tower and micro chip on earth and watch the youngsters fall apart. Sure I am sitting here on a computer but at least I am writing about how much I hate it. Oh wait I am just as bad. Fuck

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dreams, Reality, and Top 5

Well this story starts about a year ago now. Noot has been telling me to go to Sturgis with him for years now so last year I said OK. The deal was I was gonna build a Big Twin and ride it there. Dreams at that point and fucking reality in two weeks. I have had to sell a bike, Buy a bike and hustle all kinds of work and parts to make this happen. Right this very minute I am having to scrape the lint out of my pocket and try and get the cash I need to actually go on this trip. Trips cost money and actually motorcycles cost money and time. I get people asking me all the time how I have what I have. Well the answer is I have BIG DREAMS and a lot of ambition. Bikes do not build themselves, trips do not just happen and money unfortunately does not fall out of my ass. With that said the reality of this whole deal is I have built the bike, I do have the day I leave, and all the other bullshit can go suck eggs. I have dealt with all the little shit and now the carb issue is the last little hiccup on the bike. Seriously just walked in from installing a S&S air filter set up and rejetted the carb for the umpteenth time. Been doing this weird hiccup and sneeze thing since the start and now two weeks out I have to get it dialed in. We shall see tomorrow I guess.I get inspiration for this motorcycle craziness from all over. Seeing people doing this very thing is one giant one. Sure it is fun but the fact that you can ride a piece of machinery thousands of miles and I have had my hand on every part, nut, bolt, bracket, line, cable really is the thing that speaks volumes. The Ironhead is the one bike I have always just jumped on and go. Dead nuts reliable and starts and goes every time. But you see it took me 4 years now of messing with it to get it there. The Shovelhead is like a 3 month old baby and I want it to leave for college, get it? Can't rush it but I am feeling the jitter and butterflies and on the Saturday I leave I will be a bag of nerves splitting like a atom bomb. 100 miles into it I will feel the overwhelming release of the stress and then it is just gas, ride, gas, ride, and nothing more. I like to get to the point I don't think anymore and just stare at the road like it is the arms of the world. I have waited a year for this and I am ready. 

Top 5 Saturday
1. New Still Corners Record
2. Girls with freckles
3. New S&S air Cleaners
4. Sleep
5.Hanging out with the boy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Makes Me Want To Play Geetar

Sunday Funday PT. Dos

Well what to do what to do when you find yourself with one spare hour. Do my favorite loop. This is a pretty mellow all back road loop I have been doing weekly. So today I stopped at the crossroads and took a few pictures. While I was standing under a tree relaxing a big whitetail deer no more then 20 feet just came strolling by. It was neat and then I started the Crack Pipe up and tried my hand at some riding shots . I 've seen all kinds of people do it so going about 35 and fumbling to get my glove off, dig in pocket, get phone on, swipe it to picture and then take the fucking picture was retarded. Whatever I like the pictures and I did not see a single person which is always great.

Sunday Funday

Well started the day off with Ian having a full blown temper explosion because he was hungry. He had already had first breakfast and was screaming about wanting another breakfast. Looks like a big guy laying on the ground. Big enough to get a ass whipping which is what he got right after this picture was taking. Anyways we had a much better day once we got to the shop. Skyjacked the sportster and started throwing some parts at the old girl. So far so good. Looks pretty much like what I am thinking. Started cutting all the extra bullshit off the frame and then got my Haifley Bros seat on the shovel. Pretty fucked up to spend 275 dollars on a seat then have to drill holes and tap some shit to get it to work. Of course this has nothing to do with the seat. Actually the seat is amazing and super comfy but when I built the seat hinge I had a home made pivot on the seat and with the new seat and a little bit taller springs that set up would not work. Whatever right after some fiddling, it works and is killer diller. Shea got to ride the shovel for the first time. Man he looked about as nervous as I did. A jockey shift bike is a little daunting the first time out but he rode it like a champ. As soon as he got back he said he has got the Jockey shift Shovel fever now. Yeah I know all about it. Norton stuff is still at the powdercoater and they are proving to be turds. Idle hands build swingarm bikes or something like that.