Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brown Sugar so sweet

This bike is Johnny chops main ride. He abuses, torments,neglects,ignores,and in general just flogs the shit out of it. Super legit 70's chopper and has made the Iowa trip twice and is gonna make it a third time in 2 weeks. Give her hell Johnny chop.

This makes me feel better

Is it dumb for a grown old ass man to get all giddy. I don't care what you think she is the cutest thing thing on T.V. right now.

90.1 Fm Kansas City

If you find yourself up at 12 midnight Monday the 23 tune in to 90.1 FM Kansas City KKFI. My buddy Justin does the KCDIY punk/HC show and invited me to guest DJ some tunes. I did a entire hour of 60's Garage and beat music, trying to school the kids you know. I was trying to link the old school punk with a common thread tied into modern punk. Anyways after the show goes off tomorrow I will try and post the show so it can be downloaded for free.

R.I.P. Bill Henry

Got some horrible news today that one of the greatest living mechanics I have ever known died yesterday. Bill was a true friend and always down for a thrashing. Bill had helped everyone I knew in Ventura in one way or another. He had a amazing collection of little pages, Hot Rod parts, and skills to pay the bills. I will miss the calls from all the So Cal shows, he would call and always say "Rick where are you, we are at...." And then go on about how great the show is and how great the cars were. I was usually looking outside at 2 feet of snow. It doesn't matter I will still miss it. It is hard to say goodbye when he is 1800 miles away but I am thinking of you Bill and your family. I am glad we had the time together we had and will miss the times we can't have now. I will throw down some miles for you in the truck and am glad you kept the Econoline for all these years. I hate this.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Style for Miles

Yeah I know this is a old pic but seriously one of the greatest pics ever. Dougie Poo from San Berdoo. Ironhead, Tbars, sweet beard.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Have I told you lately...

that I love redheaded women like crazy. Why don't all women dress like this all the time. Seriously what is the problem. I know that wearing your jammies out in public is comfy, but you look like a sack of shit with slippers on. Not saying that this particular girl wore this to the market but I would like to imagine so.

Creme is the New Flat Black

As you can tell from the header I had Tony mix up some creme colored primer for the next round of body work. I do believe it will stay like this the rest of the year. A fairly good 10 footer on the body work Kevin Lee is gonna pinstripe off some panels to really get the look right. Next on the to do list is the bed cover.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The lounge

I am sick of the weather. In one week we have had record heat and today is record lows. It was cold as hell and all I want to do is work on my truck. I started sanding a couple of days ago and now the weather is so bad I couldn't paint if I wanted. Thinking about the sun and the crazy days that are coming up. Those will be good days.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Motor dress up

Well the big decision was to go for the HEI or keep the Mallory dual point. HEI won with the fact I could only run one wire and be rolling. Not to mention any and every auto part store on earth has the parts for it. Cal Custom valve covers for the nostalgia and no rust. Bought a old FoMOCO 4 barrel dual plane intake off Todd K and Jeff P hooked me up with the 500 cfm Edelbrock. Found the air cleaner at Speedway and I still have about 10 inches of clearance. There was a clearance issue with a old style air cleaner so I went for the velocity stack K+N. Adds torque,easy to work on carb, and is reusable. I will start welding up fire wall holes fairly soon and then put some paint on.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Someone has to take the wheel.

Well I should be in good hands when mine are so old I can't work on my own Ironhead. Ian is proving to be the next step in the Anchor lineage.

Chopper Jockey Call Out!

Well in about a month June 11th to be exact we are all going to Des Moines for the Dice Party. We will leave the shop at 10:00 and be there by 2 ish granted there is no major issue's. I am calling you out! Get your two wheeled freedom mo'sheens ready and ride out with us. I may be crazy but I would like to roll into Des Moine about 20 bikes deep. Once we get there it will just be party time and hanging out. Sunday we can all ride back together or every man for themselves, who cares really. The main point is to get out and RIDE YOUR FUCKING BIKE. Oh and if we get the most dudes to ride out there, there is money, gas, and free crap to be had. I do believe any one that rides from KC will get free taco's and beer for the entire night. Crazy stuff will be going down all night for sure. So mark your calenders kids, Sat. June 11th 2011 10:00a.m. at the Anchor we leave.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Bars and tool bag

Believe it or not? I changed my bars again. I am putting the final touches for the epic trip that is next month. I figured out how to get the bag with all my camping gear on /off the bike. It will also double as my backrest. So the obvious choice was some pull backs. I re made the sissy bar out of Stainless and made a perch for my tool bag to sit for all time. When you need it just pull it off the sissy bar, when your done slide it back on. It works pretty well and looks good. 6 weeks till we leave.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Driving Time!!

Today was a fun filled day of intake/carb installation. Dialed in the timing and away we went. Drove allot better with all the new front end pieces and disc brakes. Al I have left to do is the wing windows need to be dialed in a little better and one more round of sanding and paint.