Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RE Cycle bars

Every body knows I love making bars. So Tyler hooked up with us and liked the bars we put on the shop bike. Here we go. I cut up some .120 and a old set of bagger bars and bang here they are. One off bars are the shit so don't bother spending your money on the same bars every other guy on the block has. 60 bucks and a big smile. Thanks

chopper glory...

Josh's Cycle Glory

Flowing together fairly well at this point. He brought us a straight up junk yard bike and wants some chopper glory when its done. So far I have done the hard tail, bars, fender, seat and tank mounts. Tonight I fit a Ironhead headlight and a Model A taillight. I like maki ng all this stuff permanent. Welding in all the brackets makes for a clean look when its done. Also it makes it a little harder just to change your mind. Look at the crazy 4 into 1 intake we made. I wanted it to look like and act like a old log intake off of a hot rod. We started it and it is gonna be sick. ANyways look out for more later.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Red Bike

I still have people ask me about the Red Bike. The bike went through about a thousand changes but here is the beginning, middle, and the end. This bike was so much fun and I learned so much about what would work and what would fall off at 100 MPH.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All Goddamn Year

Like I said all year I look forward to Ralphs deal. If you have not been it is the best free show you will ever attend. Get there early and watch all the bikes roll in is the best. Couple of weeks to go!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I ned some of these

If any body out there in web world has a set of these spring struts I would gladly low ball them off of you.

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Old Timers Rule!

Over the years I have met some of the greatest old timers anyone could want to meet. Kurt is one such fellow. Kurt rode chopped sportsters in the 60's, has had countless cars and is one down So he is retired now and all year he goes to junk shops, auctions, thrift stores and finds the sickest shit ever and when he is done with it he always brings me a big bag of stuff at Greaserama. Well this was this years booty. All og custom little pages and some of the George Barris books from the late 50's. All are in damn near mint condition and should give me months of reading. Here is to you Kurt. Thanks

Almost and the Ironhead

Well the last three weeks all I have done is work on this truck. It really did need more then I was expecting but I did go and drive it on Friday. I jammed around town just enough to clog the new carb up with junk again. So Sunday I was gonna drive it to Greaserama this is as far as it made it. Started right up and when I got out to the street it died. Fuck it I rode the Ironhead and Amy took some good pics of it at the show. Enjoy

Cars I dig from Greaserama

Bikes at Greaserama

As per usual we brought some bikes out to the show. Saturday was freaking unbelievable. We had over 900 cars for sure and we lost count at 3000 spectators. Talked to some good dudes about bikes all day.