Sunday, September 30, 2012

Final Mock Up Blast Apart

So this is it the last bracket was welded up for the license plate and tail light. Got the cross over figured out for the gas tank and the rest all planned out. Made my notes and I am gonna blow it apart this week. Carb was shitty to get set up and the air cleaner is FUCKING HUGE. but I like the fact it is about the same shape as the gas tank. Cut the new pipes up and made some slip on mufflers with 4 inch baffles welded in. I figured out how to keep all the Fat Bob mounts so for long trips I can swap out tanks and get the long miles a little easier. So take a looksy because the next time I post it it should be done.

Friday, September 28, 2012

So True

 Been so busy this week I really haven't even had a chance for Daddy blogging. So as of right now the bike is about 90% built. Decided on a NOS Wassel tank that I have had for years at this point. Bought it, sold it and then bought it back again.  Cut the old mounts off and remade the tank mounts, also added a third 1/4 NPT bung  where the petcock will be. I am gonna use the back two bungs for a cross over line. I found a cheap set of pipes to cut up and do a low 2 into 1. Coil is on, carb, tank, battery fits, etc etc. Maybe by Sunday I will blow it apart and get going on the frame. I will take pics tomorrow. As a side note I have never had this happen to me but some day just maybe if my beard is sweet enough and I get a couple more blasters girls will indeed just get naked for no reason other then my sweet tattoo's and beard. Nah most girls that like tattoo'd bearded gnarly dudes I don't want nothing to do with. True story.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Anyone that has ever took the time to read my crappy ramblings knows I love music. I am not gonna brag but I do have a gnarly record collection dating back to about 1982 when I bought my first records. I worked in record stores all through High School and would probably still work at one if there were any left/ paid worth a shit. So we went into Sacramento one day on our trip and went into the Beat. Very cool old record store which I went to about 10 years ago for the first time. I browse around and don't really see any kind of order to there Punk/ HC records so I ask the guy behind the counter. He says they don't really have that much but some one just sold off there 7" collection and I could go thru that stuff if I wanted. It was like winning the fucking lottery for me. Pulled out 22 records and asked what he would price them at" I guess like 40 bucks is fair". WHAT THE FUCK. I threw down my money and booked out of there so fast there was smoke coming off my vans. Anyways so here are the top 5 records out of the 22 so far. 

Number 1 The Mummies-Double Dumb Ass - Well this takes care of the 40 bucks I spent because this double ep is worth double what I paid for the whole lot. Seriously the best trashiest surf/punk/garage band ever. All these fakes ass shitty kids think they invented terrible guitar playing and singing but these mummified MFers wrote the book. Many Many post ago I wrote about there song Food, Sickles, and girls. It is on here and I am so grateful to finally have it on vinyl.

Number 2. Headcleaners-Disinfection- As far as I can tell they are from Sweden and they are pissed the fuck off. This is a 1991 reissue but the OG came out in 1981 and it has 5 tracks all crazy fast style HC and if you close your eyes it sounds allot like early GBH. I am a sucker for old school gruesome hand drawn cover art. I will buy them every time I can and this one caught my eye real quick like. 

Number 3. The Fits-Tears of a Nation- It is funny but just by having Charged hair in a picture I knew what this was gonna sound like. Crazy good. I had never heard of them so this was just a good guess. 1984 British fast heavy punk rock. Allot like Discharge but a little heavier. Good vocals and the guitar has that buzz saw ripping your face off sound. Already played it back to back so I am stoked to get my hands on something new that is only 30 years old or so. 

Number 4. Murder City Devils-Dancin Shoes. Way back in a time when I still did not have a computer or the know how to even turn one on friends told friends about bands. Such is the case with the Murder City Devils. Must of been about 1998 when I first heard them. I was up the street at a little BBQ some girls where having and on the boom box was the Empty Bottles Broken Hearts lp. So blown away with the slow style but the music had a bitchin swagger to it that really worked. I went that night and bought the LP and have listened to it hundreds of times. All there records are good but the this lp was the best one ever. So off that this ep is one of my all time songs ever. So just getting to blast it was awesome. Like all good bands they burn an intense flame then they sputter out to nothing. Sad really

Number 5. Damage- Jay Walk- I am only putting this on because it was so bad it was good. Seriously it is from 1984 and it has awesome skulls and skateboards and great lyrics but I did not notice that it has synth guitars and synth bass as instruments. Real drumming( kinda) and a very lackadaisical singer. Songs are serious I think but with the silly bleeps and bloops and silly riffs going on I just laughed all the way through it. But as I write this I put it on again and there is some pop infusion that is very fun. Think Black Flag meets Devo. Pretty fucked up but worth a listen. This may be the only record that has ever fucked me with hand drawn awesome skulls and terrible everything else.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Respect The Machines

One of the side trips we did is go to Jamestown and ride the train. Originally it was all steam locomotives and the rail company has been in use since 1897. We got to ride on the 1952 Diesel engine because they only run the steam engine once a week now. For the price of the 40 minute ride you also get to go into the fully operational blacksmith and  old machine shop. Let me just say that I was freaking out at all the cool shit in the shops. Originally the entire machine shop was run on belts so if one machine was being used all the machines were cranking. They showed us the first aid kit which included a bucket and multiple tie off ropes. As in fools lost limbs often. No thank you, but honestly if you like or love in my case all things mechanical it  should be a must some day. Look up Railtown 1897 or google Jamestown railroad and have a more in depth looksy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So Sorry Not Really

 Just got back from a week in Cali. Did some sitting around and just a old school family vacation. You know the ones where the kids are screaming" Are We There Yet". Over and over. So after a solid week away from the shovel I am ready  to knock out the rest of the fab work. Should get the rest of the parts I need this week and that is that. Shit I did in Cali. No Blogs, No work, No phone kinda, Took naps, slept late, went swimming in a river, ate awesome food and had a ball with the kids. Know back to fucking work. Damn

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Mark @ The Anchor 4/16/08 Pt. 2

Black Mark @ The Anchor 4/16/0/8 Pt. 1

We're Fucked (Longer Set)

We're Fucked 10/6/06 @ The Anchor

We're Fucked

So The Anchor motorcycle shop rose from the ashes of Anchor the venue. My whole life I wanted to own/run a punk rock venue. So in the winter of 2005 I made my move. There were a bunch of empty office rooms in the building the car club rents and so we ripped a bunch of walls down and had our first show.  I knew there was no money to speak of but I wanted to have the raddest punkest club in KC history. After many many changes we ended up the a full half pipe as the stage which is still there. 3 years or so it lasted until  Mr. Fire Marshall came and squished our punk rock fun. I was building bikes in the back of the venue and just kept the name and went full bore with bikes. Pretty rad that I still get calls about booking shows. Any ways here is the band I was in at the end of the Anchor venue Days. We have one ridiculous 7 inch out and the rest is history.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Left Side Done

Yes I am going insane but the progress is going well. Got the clutch arm extended today and then built the heim set up so everything works smooth. A solid 1/8 th of clearance and all is well. Jumped up on the bike and got it pretty good just by playing around with the pedal. Feels real weird pushing the clutch with your foot. It is gonna be fucked learning how to ride with a jockey set up. I did it years ago to a jap bike but it was shit and I switched it back after a week or so. No going back at this point. I wanted to see how the pipes looked black so I spent a good hour finish welding them and then work the pipes over. I will spend a few more hours on them but so far so good. Little bit of chrome makes them pop. Just need the coil and top motor mount figured out and I will blow it apart and get to work on the frame. Seriously there is allot to fix/weld/smooth/ and work over. Still am waiting on my new rear tire so I can get the brakes figured out. Just the old waiting game. Waiting for money and parts. Enjoy

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Black Sabbath - War Pigs (Live in Paris 1970)

Johnny Cash - Redemption

The Clash - London's Burning (live)

My Bloody Valentine "You Made Me Realise"

The Sonics - Louie Louie

Top 5 Saturday

 Its been awhile since I've done a top 5 so here it goes Top 5 Desert Island artist.

Number 1. Johnny Cash- The man is the best of the best period. He has sad songs, happy songs, songs about killing people, and songs about true love. Just amazing. All his records even the 70's ones have killer tracks on them. The last three records he made before he died where the opus of his career. Rick Rubin has a way with getting the best out of people and on those American Recording records it is the best. Buy all of them and fall in love with music again.

Number 2. Black Sabbath- Seriously if I have to even say why then I would hate you. So god damn good anytime anywhere any volume I swear they were on another planet. Drugs probably helped but I find myself rocking out straight up headbanger style at least once a week to all the records back to back.  I could do with out hearing Iron man ever again but besides that I swear they are all gems.

Number 3. The Clash- Joe Strummer is one of my ultimate idols. Rare is the fact that he could actually be the only person that I hold in a very high regard. I have read everything I can get my hands on. He wrote crazy good songs and lived a amazing life. As for the Clash goes the songs themselves hold there own ground and go the gammit from straight up punk rock, Dub, rockabilly, and service announcements with guitar. So fucking good. I love the Mick  songs as well and right now I singing all of them in fast forward trying to think of my favorite. I can't because they are all so good. The live record From Here To Eternity is the best live record of all time. Like The Who Live at Leeds level shit.

Number 4. The Sonics- Straight up the punkest band in the world ever. For a 60's garage band they played the raunchiest most bad ass fuzzed soaked trashed out rock and roll mother fucking music period. The Witch is the song that got me hooked. It sounded like a caveman banging two rocks together and in the most awesome way two rocks can be banged together. They do the hits as well like there version of Louie Louie is the best. I personally think it has the first punk guitar break down ever. If you don't believe me find the track and give it a listen. Buy everything and be stoked and just think that these songs are damn near 50 years old now. Crazy

Number 5. My Bloody Valentine- This is one of those bands that made me love playing guitar. So much tone in there music. Layers and layers of feedback with lush bass lines floating around filling up the space between your ears. Genius almost to the level of being retarded is how it went for the band. There is a lost record somewhere that never saw the light of day. There very first record sounds like the Cramps then two years later there Isn't Anything LP comes out and just destroys the world with the songs and the level of pure pop genius. Cute ladies never hurt a band so have girls that can actually play well and sing is just the makings for epic shit. Buy EVERYTHING LIKE NOW STUPIDS.

Left Side Boogie

Well like I said in the last post on to the left side. Took the stock primary and cut the shit out of it. Cut out the bearing support for the tranny. Then went at the primary outer to give it some shape. I like my shoe laces in my boots so this should almost eliminate that issue. Clutch will be easy to get to and still has the open look. Got my jockey lever hooked up and next is the clutch linkage. Everything has to be adjustable because of the transmission having to slide back for tension. Anyways have a killer weekend and it was cool enough last night to wear a flannel. It was AWESOME. Thanks to Johnny and Shea for hosting the Full Speed Ahead show. It was a good time and lots of bikes and cars showed up.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pagan Gold Flow

Only took one picture of this Shovel at the show. Clean paint and everything else followed. 113" Shovel he said and who am I to doubt it. Sounded like a crazed ape when he started it.. Went today and got the master cylinder put on that Tony gave me. Thanks Tony and that means the right side is done. On to the left.

Greaserama Pt 2

So as you can see Sunday was absolutely amazing. Sun was out and we had the biggest turn out ever. Saw some killer bikes and I have decided I will be buying a car this year to roll the family in. Tony came by and hooked me up with a master cylinder for my bike. Johnny Chop was out and saw a bunch of other people I rarely get to see So thanks to everybody that came out and had a good time and fuck the drama queens.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Muck and Mire

Despite the weather everybody was out in droves. Today is gonna be epic and should be perfect weather. Here is the first pics I will post. Ian was scared to death of the skeleton on the bike. I tried to get a picture next to it but he was not having it.