Monday, August 25, 2014

Knapsack - Day Three of My New Life (1997 - Full Album)

                                             Funny there always seems to be a perfect soundtrack for ever moment in my life. Here is one that sums up a ton!

No Idea In The World

I truly think I am going to open the Anchor as a for real shop in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and expect crazy things in the barrel. Moved shops into a real building with real AC and heat. It also has real rent to pay. Fuck it right I am ready for the challenge. So the last few years have been leading up to this and all the hard work, time, sacrificing, wanting, and learning has got me to the place I'm at. Amongst other things I am currently right in the middle of getting divorced, dealing with missing my kids the days I will not have them and hanging out with the raddest chick ever. You read this blog so you probably have seen my moods and post go up and down over the last three years. Life is super fucking weird and the place you end up may not be the place you pictured for yourself or your kids. But life keeps on moving no matter what kind of shit you have made for yourself.  The kids are dealing pretty good I am super motivated to not waste any more time doing shit I don't want to do. And that goes across the boards. No more living lies and being a fucking asshole but trying to do the right thing despite the truth in a situation. Move forward people or die with your feet buried in shit. Big things indeed. In the time from my last post I have built an evo, sold an evo, bought a shovel, slammed an Ironhead together for a friend and moved into a house in midtown. So now is the time if you got a project half done or want a bike built up email me and lets get going.
Long Live the Anchor