Monday, October 24, 2011

Sold 1 Got 1/2 of 1

Met Jimbo through a mutual friend. Awesome guy and has chopper shit everywhere. In his house, in the yard, in the garage, and this pile I got off the front porch. 81 Sportster and a couple bucket of parts. I am gonna build a spare motor for ONE bike I have. Awesome feeling only having one bike to worry about. I just can't help myself when a deal like this comes up. Shea got his frame all fixed and I painted some lace on the Orange tank. For now I am gonna roll these tins till I can get Michael to hook some up. I like the new pipe set up and I am loving the derake stance. All that is left is the brake situation.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Triumph Bangs

H.A.M.B. drags Triumph. Only bike I saw there and he blew up the tranny on his first pass. Took off from the line and on the up shift BANG, GRIND, and GAMEOVER. Still looked good even all fubar

Brown and Down

Mind Melter

Oh there is a bike in this photo. Didn't notice.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Broken Bone

As in back bone. Go figure having a seriously fucked front end and riding 4300 miles might be screwy.Shea avoided death only in the fact his gas tank was holding the rest of the frame together. I missed the initial OH SHIT moment when he picked the tank off the frame and had the icky feeling that these moments give us. He has been riding all summer with this busted frame. The tank I welded up a couple months ago and has been holding the frame together since. Crazy stuff really the ends of the pipes are all mushroomed out frame banging together. Slugs, plug welds, gussets, all coming up.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

De Rake KC Style

First job at the new shop. Rode the bike in at 11:00 by 12:30 I had it all tacked up and started mocking up the new look. Never liked the 40 degree rake. I do however like the 4 up 2 out frame. So now I have the exact bike I want. 4 up 2 out 35 degree rake and still get to run my 6 over narrow sportster front end with out the sky high look. Had to do some head scratching to get it all back together but it will be better than new and about 10 inches shorter. Sweet

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back on the Block

True story I listed it on the evil Ebay today. It is not cheap, and this will be the last time I try and sell it. I did a bunch of work on it after the Cali trip and it is in tip top shape. Anyways if you want something fast and reliable then check it out. Ebay item 290619351222

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Noot check your damn Email please. I have big things coming up that are going to need some dialing and indicating not to mention head scratching and cursing. Geltz said he would do the paint and I am heading up the build part. Motor is all yours.

All Done With The Set Up.....

Spent a bunch of hours down there today setting up shop. I still need to go buy a bunch of tools and misc crap but Tomorrow night I will be working on a bike and that is great. Still feels weird but with some work done and some soul interjected I am going to to make this place go off. Thanks Michael again for the gift and it inspired me to make my sticker a one off piece.

Thanks For the Help

Yesterday was the big move day. I want to thank Shea, Aaron, Tyler and Dave for all the help. It went smooth and I damn near have the shop set up for work and as of today it should be done. It is a weird feeling to have enough space for all your crap. I will get used to it. As a special surprise Michael Geltz and Clair came down from KEOKUK to hang out. He brought me and Shea a little shop gift. The man has crazy good skills and I am glad to call him a friend. Thanks again to everybody that looks at this blog and look out for some crazy chops this winter.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving on Saturday

The shop looks like a goddamn bomb went off but that is the way it goes. The new space is all buttoned up and is looking sweet. Can't wait to get to work. I like organizing and should be one of those closet designers or something. I am looking for some tools to replace the ones Tony is taking home. If you have a Band Saw, AC/DC TIG, Table Top Mill/ Lathe let me know and I will snatch them up. I had to recruit some young strong kids to help so it should go easy. Johny is not moving with me so I will have the whole shop to myself. It will be weird but after I cover the place in punk rock posters and nekkid girls it will be fine.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Good Stuff.....

The top pic is of a 5 time national race winning XR750. Dude was koo koo so I am sure he was telling the truth. I am digging our Buddy Travis's Evo Sporty and the Indian at the bottom is just to freaking cool. I like things that are mechanical. My little brain can not handle all the new school engineered type widgets that make new bikes work. I love pushrods that you only need a 1/2 and 7/16 to adjust, carbs that you can rebuild on the side of the road, Oil that stays in your bike and most of all I love the weekend that Ralph does his show.

Holy Grail

Ralph Waynes was today and the weather spot on. A little chilly but I am down for the ride out there. There is always this anticipation of getting there and watching all the bikes roll in. I will post some of my faves. First is my Holy Grail level bike. If I need to tell you about these then you are a lame duck and I won't waste my time. Drool