Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Saints Paved The Way, Perfect Day

A Classic....

A classic example of "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." I can not even begin to start to tell you folks how much I hate this bike. See there are so many wrongs that the rights are eclipsed. This Pangea built bike was in Dice and I was flipping through the issue at work and here it was,fucking terrible. I thought the use of the Ironhead front half and big twin tranny is one of the coolest tricks ever. Then he went and built the ugliest bike ever around it. So here is a classic example of out chopper building yourself. I will never do this and mark my words.Yeah Yeah Yeah I know I know. Grump town population one.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Converge - Aimless Arrow

If you did not know Converge had a new record out in Oct. It is beautiful and brutal and I love it. Here is the track I have been listening to over and over.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Decal Madness......

I want all of these. Yeah so do you and every other Yahoo on ebay. Fuck. I remember a time before ebay when I could find cool shit like this at swap meets and in old milk crates that were full of old porn, shop manuals, and water decals abound. Times are a changing my friends. 

So as a side story Shea and I went to look at a 1999 Evo 883 today. Shea wants to build a swing arm bike and this one sounded ideal. So we drive the hour up to Saint Joseph which is comparable to a arm pit of Satan himself. We get there and it is a single wide trailer home and the bike is parked inside the trailer with shit piled up all over it. Seriously this white trash POS was still drunk I think from the night before or he started drinking at 9 in the am. Either way I can not even describe how filthy and fucking straight up nasty the trailer was on the inside. I did not want to touch anything in the house and the smell was fairly offensive. So we dig the bike out kinda and get the thing to crank over. It would not start. Bike is getting gas but the damn thing would not hit at all. Pull a plug and there is no spark. WTF is this bumkin trying to pull. So we went from a good running bike that was a deal to a tweaker special and we ended up just splitting out. Fuck that bike and they are all over the place for two grand or so. So if you got one the is in RUNNING condition and you want rid of it let me know.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

There are a few things in my life that have been a constant. Skateboarding, Guitar playing, Record collecting, Flannel shirt hoarder. I stay fairly close to the simple things in life. Motorcycles and old cars are the glue that holds my entire life together. Since I was 14 all I ever wanted was a cool car and two wheels. I bought my first car when I was 14 and worked on it so when I was 16 I had some wheels to get me gone. It sounds like a lot to me but I am fairly good a juggling all my hobbies. I do have visions of myself at 70 still playing out in some dank bar and that makes me happy. Really the guitar was the way I first got a taste of freedom. One month after graduating from high school me and my friends jumped in a orange 1973 Chevy van and headed out into the muck and mire that is the world. We played bars, basements, punk rock holes in the wall and had a good time living like street rats. Granted I was 18 years old and after that month on the road I got home to all my shit packed in boxes and siting in the garage. Well that was when I moved out and never really went back.It's funny to think about now but we had no cellphones, no instant google, no interwebs and we still managed to make a go at it. I actually miss not being connected sometimes. Any way I am gonna do a Top 5 guitars I have owned and why. Remember it is never to late to learn something.

Number 1. I guess I should start with the first guitar I ever bought. I bought it in 1988 for 20 dollars and I think I did not eat a lunch for two weeks so I could buy it. It was a 1967 Kay SG copy. It was wine red and played like a 2x4 with strings on it. One of my skate friends could play a little and showed me how to tune it and how to play a power chord. Still did not have a amp but I sat in my room and got the tips of my fingers a bloody mess. I would sit and try and play along to the Ramones.

Number 2. So after many years of playing I got a hold of a real 1969 Gibson SG. It still had the Tremelo lyre tailpiece and played better then any guitar I had ever owned to date. It was expensive as fuck but I wanted it so I dropped a grand on it. All I could see in my head was Pete Townsend at Woodstock just destroying one of these Sg's. For Punk Rock this guitar was the holy grail and was loaded with P-90 soap bar pick ups. I needed money so the axe got the axe. Regrets are a mother fucker.

Number 3. 1973 Fender Telecaster Custom was a gem. I started getting into twangy stuff as well as I had started a trashy garage style band. Needed a guitar that had the right sound I wanted. These old Fenders are the business. This model had the two Fender humbuckers and was so clean even up to 11. Neck was a little fat but I liked how it sat while playing. I have owned a few of these now and I always liked Telecasters but they always feel like a one trick pony to me. They do twang and clean real well but if you try and play loud shit on them they get all plinky. 

Number 4. I only have owned one acoustic guitar ever and it is a vintage Greco Hummingbird knockoff. A real Gibson Hummingbird is like 2000 dollars mine was about 300 dollars. Plays just as well and is my main guitar for writing songs on. Unfortunately the kids do not like loud guitar playing at home so I usually walk around the house playing guitar and humming some type of lyric ideas. It is a bitchin three color sunburst and has been the only guitar in 20 years I have not sold. To the grave with this one.

Number 5. On with the swedes. My Hagstrom Viking is now my main guitar. I have owned it maybe 5 years and it has been a work horse. It does every thing I need it to do and looks good doing it. I have owned vintage Hagstroms and then I bought this new Viking and it does play quite a bit better then the old ones and the cost a lot less. Granted even since I bought mine the price has doubled. I need a guitar in one set list that can play quiet country stuff and then the next song be loud and brutal. This guitar can do it. I also have a pretty simple pedal board that I always am changing stuff on but the stables in my bag of tricks are
Ibanez -Analog Delay
Boss-63 Reverb
Ibanez -Tube Screamer
Dod -Preamp boost
Robot Factory -Uber Rat/clean boost 
My Amplifier has been a 1976 Music Man RD 50 head with matching 4x12 cab.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After Wire 1980

Colin Newman was the head fellow from Wire. Pink Flag is one of the greatest punk records ever. Minot Threats cover of 12xu puts them in the realm of legend. I have been listening to this track a lot. 1980 at it's best.

Mind Melt, Thank You

Not like there other stuff but this track is amazing. Dream doom and sucks you in then fucking shoots you out into the nothing. Or I could just say I like the guitar, Whatever.

Awesome Post..........

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Wizard Drops.....

I will take some better pics soon but for now the dust has settled and Wizard is done. Got the tins put on and ran fuel lines. I did a cross over tube in the bottom Wassell bungs then added a 3/8 npt bung for a Harley petcock. Should be able to get every drop of gas out of this tank and have a real reserve. Fender is sitting a little off due to me changing the spacers on the rear wheel after I had already sent them to the chrome plating shop. Oh well I can live with it. Again this is not gonna be a Hot Rod or show bike I built this bike to do crazy long miles and be solid. So two bikes down and truck to go. Hermits Forever Forever Hermits. Grumpy Power

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vintage Gypy Run Kansas City

A very cool set of pictures from Gypsy run in KC. I do have a couple of these prints I have found around town in thrift stores and antique shops. These were in a auction and went for to much money. So here you go and just think about all these panheads in this picture and WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY NOW?


We have already shown that my boy is already drawing tattoo's on himself. Well now it is all about bubble beards. Where do they come up with this stuff. So as I see it now Anchor Motoshop generation 2.0 is already getting it together. I told him to make a mean face, all he knows is cute face. Lately he has learned how to wink. So whenever he sees a cute girl he will say"Love you sweetheart" and then throw the wink at em. It is ridiculous but amazing and if it were me doing it I would most likely have black eyes daily.

Epiphany Trip 2013

Love driving almost as much as riding places. So did the 550 mile round trip up to Keokuk Ia. It is a great little town right on the mighty Miss. Got to hang out at Weasel Land, shoot a AK, polish my tins and then run around town checking out some stuff. Michaels cousin has this insane shop just for his projects. Blew my fucking mind with all the shit that he had. All the shop pics are from his shop. That giant fireplace had that shop toasty and was really adding to the comfy feel the shop had. 3 generations of dirt and history in the building and there was cool stuff in every nook and cranny. Check out the old lathe and rack of motors. We ended up seeing some TERRIBLE bands and then hanging out till like 3 in the morning. Anyone that knows me knows that is way beyond my bed time. It was a special night and we had fun. So I got up early while they all slept and hit the road home. I have been wanting to two lane across MO for awhile now so today was the day. There are 3 interstates that get you to Keokuk or you can go diagonal across on two lanes. It was the best drive I have had in awhile. Rolling hills and lots of small towns. Like population 128 small towns. It of course took a little longer, with the extra time I filled it with thinking. Here are some of my Epiphanies I had while driving today.

I tried to sing all the back ups for TREX and realized I really need to sing more.

Old farm towns are romantic to me and depressing at the same time.

Sleater-Kinney really are a good band. They have some kind of dynamic that is very hard to do.

I listened to the Clash and then got a little sad that Joe is gone. 

I found myself wondering why I am the way I am then realized its because I really don't give a fuck. Then realized that I do give a fuck and that is why I don't care. 

People that smoke pot think I am boring, I think people that smoke pot are boring.

I like people watching and Keokuk has some GOOD people to watch.

Michael Geltz has crazy skills with the paint.

Clara is a funny drunk and has the most amazing Troll collection I have ever seen, we figured out the link between Trolls and Michael Geltz. It is a very thin line! HA

Pulling into town I thought about how much I hate KC right now. 

I had this tank sitting next to me the whole way home ,I just kept looking at it. Something so simple as a motorcycle can make me this happy. Why does everything else cause me so much grief?

I feel like when I set this tank on the Wizard that bells will ring, angels will sing, fireworks will blow up and the bike will say thank you to me by firing on the third kick. We'll see I suppose

Friday, January 18, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

 So I am heading up to Keokuk once again. This time I am picking up my tins from Michael aka Flying Weasel Garage. So stoked to have him do these for me. Not really ever in my budget to pay for painting but this is a special bike for me so the best will only do. So I am feeling especially grumpy so my top 5 for Saturday will be the top 5 reasons people/things should FUCK OFF. This should be pretty funny

1. Your hip and just got your first bike. You feel like a bad ass and the world is your oyster. The rules no longer apply and every girl you meet will be happy to just get naked for you. Work , fuck work you ride a bike now who needs work. You bought a shit load of chrome bolt-ons from your local shop and your bike looks bling and pop all over the place. Fuck Off 

2. Yeah I built this bike. What you meant to say was someone like me did all the work and then you sprayed some flat black on the tins and that was it. Putting the bars on does not count as building a bike. Horse Shit and Fuck Off.

3.I want something reliable. Let me tell you about reliable. My Ironhead did thousands of miles over the last three years and has only left me stranded do to Chinese regulators. Since replacing the Chinese shit with a USA made Cycle Electronics regulator there has been 0 issues. I could build 4 ironheads for the price of one used softail. True as of late I have been wanting a newer Sportster to Hot Rod but  I would be taking a reliable stock bike and making it a fire breathing exploding time bomb. Everyone that hates on Ironheads just hasn't taking the time to learn how to tune and maintain them. So Fuck Off.

4. I truly believe in the power and romance of a motorcycle. I feel like before I started this bike craziness there was nothing. I went years with out bikes and just built cars but until I built from a pile of shit my first chopper I did not know what love of a bike was. The blood that you lose is like the sacrifice of a virgin. The money you spend is about time and the investment of ones soul. The journey is the destination, not the place you end up. Tripping is the word, just getting out in the world and smelling the smells, letting the sun burn you a little. I am still thinking about the last good ride I took out to the river and gravel roads. That is enough to get me through till spring I suppose. I did go ride the Crack Pipe today. Freezing ass cold but  it rode like a champ. So here is where I say get out there and ride that fucking bike or FUCK OFF. 

5. Life will show you a truth and in the next second smack the shit out of you.  Money, friendship, sex, love, relationships, motorcycles, etc etc are all within arms reach and then again they can be swiped away in a blink of an eye.Pretty girls get ugly, ugly girls get pretty, Kids grow up, parents die, money is spent and time never quits. So to father time I say FUCK OFF

Born To Endless Night

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So Blah....

This weather is getting to me and it's only Jan. So here is the amazing Mann painting of the Springfield Riot. So freaking cool all the bikes. Only someone that is into bikes could have done anything like this. I feel a little blessed to be living in KC because of the David Mann connection. I think most people that think of choppers think they are from Cali but the truth is they came from the Midwest and that is a fact. I mean to say that the period correct chopper bikes that are all the rage right now are really just 60's style club bikes.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doing the Skinny Thing......

I have done three of these fenders now and love the way they turn out. This one got 1.5 cut out and then put back together. This will still fit a standard m90 Harley tire and with the skirt cut down they look good kicked up a little. Little tricks and giant ideas.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

Well got my brakes parts in today and will try and get it done today. So this week almost everyday my Ipod would play Ghostrider bySuicide. With out fail everytime it played it I would run over and urn up my stereo to 11. They are one of those totally fucked up time and place bands. If they would have started 2 years earlier or two years later they never would have done anything but 1977 was a good year for fucked up bands. Punk had really just got its foot in the door and then suicide kicked the door off the hinges. So Top 5 reasons Suicide rules

1. I always like to imagine hearing a band for the first time. Even by todays standard if I saw a band like Suicide play today I would freak out I'm sure. Can you imagine a crowd full of polyester clad disco fucks listening to Suicide. Or better yet the hip Max's crowd in NY having them totally bum out there Rock and Roll dream. Love it. It is the ultimate Fuck You. 

2. They were a two man group. One man sang, yelped, smoked ,and made awesome faces and the other just fiddled on a old ass organ. So genius it is retarded. Alan vega is insane and that is another part of the band that must be taking into consideration. They are stories of people trying to kill Alan after shows or burning him with cigarettes just to try and make them stop playing. 

3. The songs stand up on there own. I am a huge fan of analog music. Not so much into anything electronic but they seem to bridge the gap for me. The organ uses a primitive drum machine that just gives the songs a pulse like a heartbeat. They have a surprising ability to write a good pop song even with this disability or lack of instruments. Ghost rider is below and should be in the top songs about motorcycles ever written. 

4. Burn hot and then fade away. Like all good bands that offer more then the mediocre slop they faded away as fast as they burned bright. They really only wrote one good records worth of songs but the bootleg version and live stuff is out there. So with not much in the way of a catalog how have they reached the level of infamy that they have. Because they are Fucking amazing 

5. White dudes with afro's. It takes a certain type of bad ass to sport a afro. Rob Tyner from the MC5 is one and then there is Martin. I have no hair so the idea of sporting a basketball on my head is so alien that I have to respect it. So watch the vid below and love it or hate it you have to respect it. Seriously. I 'll post some actual motorcycle related stuff later.

suicide- ghost rider (live 1977-1978)

Friday, January 11, 2013

K Model Amazing

Always loved these motors. There is some thing so cool about the way the heads look. Noots K might be the only one I have ever seen in person. So drool drool and wish this was yours. I am.