Saturday, January 29, 2011

What can your lady do?

Josh Part Duece

I do best just letting the build flow from one part to the next. I built the bars first then the rear looked real weird so I opted to mount the fender to the swing arm via a sissy bar. I bent the seat pan some more to get the lines right then put the cover on. I don't think I have ever done a swing arm mounted fender and it was kind of a booger but it looks could now and is built to with stand some abuse. All that is left is a battery box and wiring, home stretch time.

Boy gets his first taste.

We had a crazy warm day so I dragged the bikes out and let the boy take in the glory that is two wheels. Pretty funny he just sat there and looked around, I made some motorcycle sounds a shook the bike and he tried to bail off. Good instincts for the future, when in doubt jump off.WEnt a nd rode the Ironhead a little and got it all mucked up but it was worth it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Josh's Swingarm Jam

Get to do something different on this one. Cut out the sub frame and shock mounts and made my own. Trying to get a good line so the shocks meet the frame at a good angle. Cut the seat pan out of 10 g and you can't go wrong with a Sporty tank.

Go Faster Stop Better

The theory goes like this. Truck goes faster=Truck stops better. My 51 has a 302 in her so when I slam down the go pedal then press the brake nothing was really happening. That was even after I rebuilt everything. Lucky for me Speedway has these nifty disc conversions. Now the Astro Supremes will fit the front as well.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Round 2

Ended up dropping the front another 1.5 inches so I dropped the rear another inch just so the rear is a little lower then the front. Waiting on all the brake parts and new hubs. But as you can clearly see I am gonna be rolling on some astro's. Body work starts tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fucking Spring, Come on already!

Some one asked to see some more pics of the Ironhead so here you go. Also they asked where I bought my pipes? Well son those pipes are the only set in the world like that. As well as the oil bag, sissy bar, front end, seat, battery strap/tray, etc etc. This was however the first aftermarket frame I have ever used. Paugcho 2 up 2 out Ironhead frame. I am only running disc brakes on the back of my bikes from now on. Fuck front brakes but you better have a super tits rear one then. Later Ironhead frames don't have the cut out for the drum so it looks allot cleaner. Got the risers off of the AEE springer that is on the digger. Cut 4 inches of of each side of some drag bars for the perfect T effect. Most people don't know but the Mullins narrow trees were being machined in KC. Lucky for me I got 3 sets of fucked up ones and pieced together the set here. 39mm Sportster front end, found some 6 over tubes on line and made the fork brace out of one lower narrow tree. I never could have afforded this luxury but sometimes shit falls into place. The tins I got from Tony, They were ground on then had multiple layers of candy put on then cleared over and in the sun it just looks amazing. I really just wanted a real simple bike that runs good and nothing on the bike was overlook in the build process. As for the shop we have got allot going on with our own builds and getting ready for WOW in Feb. We always try and bring new stuff to the show and this year is all new. Aaron's CB turned out great and it was what he wanted. A clean simple street chopper and that is what he is getting. I really like how all the different hardtails I have done lately not one is alike. The real question is "will Johnny get the 350 done by WOW?" We shall see

Monday, January 10, 2011

Epic sickle

Read a huge article about the Leo Payne built drag bike. Also ran at Bonneville and did insane fast passes. Turnip Eater rules.

Snow days...

One Month from today...

Aaron's Chawper...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who wants the Candy?

Shea said do whatever "I like everything "so we did what he said. Candies, flake, panels, lace, geometric squiggles, stripes, and some heavy fish scales. Tony and I had a blast figuring out all the layers. Couple more coats of clear and this tank is gonna pop.

Simple evo based killer

Love this bike still. I think I posted it before but seriously look at how simple and clean the entire bike flows. The bars are sick the only thing I would have done is add a sissy bar a little taller than the bars.


Freckles: Yes

Redheaded: Yes
Scantily Clad: Yes
Sword to fight me off: Yes
Love J Moore: Yes

Pirate Patch

Maybe this will be the next stickers we do?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shave and a Haircut

So here is the 51 as of today. A little over a 2 inch chop made it look proper. I am over all the extreme chops out there. These trucks look retarded with any more than 3 inches gone. Also peoplelike to jam all the teeth they can cram in the grill so I decided to get rid of them altogether. Now the front looks clean and simple. Built a little half bumper just to keep the balance from getting munched. Choped under the window in the back so the back and front window are the same height. See pic for example. Got the doors all lined up and spent 6+ hours welding and grinding to finish the metal work. Progress is a great motivator so next item is the front end.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out and about.

Hit a whopping 45 today so I went and put some miles on Ironhead #1 This cycle has changed so many times over the last two years it is almost a new bike. Enjoy the peeps