Sunday, June 28, 2009


So I get allot of people asking about my knuckles. The meaning is self explanatory I think but some people are so fucking retarded they can't imagine anything with depth. Life, Love, Regret I truly believe is the only answer there is. Life is how you deal with it, Love is what we look for and what we can give, and regrets are the things that will haunt us on our death beds. They are all tangled up but the moments of clarity are the best we can hope for. Anyways that is enough ranting. Life today was awesome, My lovely ladies are doing great and I regret not buying more motorcycle junk at the swap meet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New shit

So the Triumph finally got its new seat. I cut out the shape from a old steel door and had a local guy cover it. I love the way it flows now. I prefer the look of rigid seats though the asshole pounding kinda sucks. Oh well once again style trumps function. Also I slid the fork tubes all the way down so the bike is sitting a little taller and now the bars aren't vibrating to death. Also I started mocking up the new bike. All parts a getting recycled from other bikes. I have a line on a Norton or a xs 650. We will see what ends up in it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well this what happens when I get bored and have a pile of swap meet pipes laying around. Under that shitty wrap are about a thousand welds but I like the way they turned out. Maybe someday I will get some real nice awesome pipes but until then these will do the trick. Eric meyers hooked me up the wrap so thanks.

Here is some new art work that Paul Kester did for me. He is a great artist and does allot for the club . Anyways look out for some new shirts and stickers with this design.

Surfing bird

Well we just got back from the west coast. Weather was perfect wish I could have taking a cycle with me. Cali is great but honestly after a week I was ready to get back to KC.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

welding/fabrication by ANCHOR assembly/wiring by Matt Brummett.