Monday, April 30, 2012

El Churro De Chuleta

So today was the day. Got the chop all sorted out. Dave, Shea and I wrestled, sliced, sectioned, bent, measured and welded up the roof. The quarters got pushed forward and look killer. Front was fairly easy with one relief cut on either side and some muscle. Shea forgot to warn me of sharp edges so I found one all by myself. Now the churro has a ounce of my blood as well as some sweat. Many hours of welding coming up.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

True Stories

   So even after my post yesterday I am being tested. I have been trying bars on the 63 all week trying to find a pair that make it all flow and comfortable. Ended up with a old vintage set of 6 inch riser and some narrowed up drag bars. Remember that this is a fairly small bike so keeping the front end looking clean is the only way to go. So I cut 2 inches out of the center and welded them all back up so the welded spot is under the clamp of the riser. Cut 2 inches off each end and there you have it. I like to get the curve in the bar right next to the risers. Anyways after that I made a new cable out of old cables and set the clutch lever up. Looks good feels good so all should be good. Fire it up and take off for a little jaunt. Get about 2 miles from my shop and BANG clutch lever goes limp. Thought I broke a cable so I turn around and rode it back after pushing for a while. Some how or another the little puny clutch cable holder in the side cover got destroyed. Like mangled and then shit out of a cannon. So I tried to manipulate the shreds of steel back into a C shape. 5 times later I gave up cut the ends off and made my own super heavy duty cable holder. Let me just say this ruined my day and I was about to kill this bike. I left and went home for dinner and to hang out with the kids. Went back and figured it out. Went for a ride and all is good with the world again.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

 So todays top 5 are some rules I always use while building my bikes. When dealimg with customers they do get bent but I always try and bend there will to my side. 

Number1. No sharp lines- Motorcyles are beautiful and sexy machines. All old bikes have these amazing round lines and I like to just make these lines a little better. I let the bike tell me what it wants. If it doesn't like it it will let you know by falling off down the road. Some kind of cosmic power.

Number2. Riding position- Take into account the size of yourself and the size of your bike. Your bike is gonna handle you like a bar fight if the dimensions are off. Like if you are 6'6 and 300 pounds you don't want to build a Honda Rebel. Also what kind of riding are you gonna due. If it is around town only then a tight set up will be fine. Long haul riders need some more room and multiple positions for your feet.

Number3 Handle bars- The biggest game loser in the bike builders handbook. You took all this time to piece your bike together then buy some POS janky ass bars. Cables don't fit right, throttle sticks etc etc. Again this would fall under owners personal taste but let me tell you the spike, lightning bolt, 24" inch pull backs are not doing your 750 Honda any good.  I like to see my gas tank so some bars that leave the tank area open is a must. I also do not like being stretched out like a rubber band just to reach the bars. So work it out.

Number4. Exhaust- Also falls under no crazy lines please. Look at all the bikes I have built and not a single one has any retarded crazy shaped exhaust. I like the exhaust to help the flow of the bike but also move the gases out from me. I just set up a sidewinder pipe up on my Ironhead. Rammed 10" glasspack mufflers in the ends and now I have a solid fairly quiet set up. Bike is running better then ever and I can almost hear myself think on the highway. Loud pipes are for show and no go. Fuck that give me some back pressure and some throat to follow.

Number5 Don't Rush Me-  Anyone that has actually put a bike together knows how long it takes. Fucking forever is the answer. Even for me or Tony it is a tedious process and if you don't have the salt to go the distance then don't even start. All the bullshit is worth it the first time you get to ride it but up till that point it is fucking miserable. I am still changing stuff out on my new bike. Can't decide on bars and the controls are pissing my off as well. So take heed when you delve into a chopper project you have to jump head first and be willing and able to go the full coarse. It is addicting and the reason I keep building bikes but the stress is sometimes to much. I have had to walk away from a bike and just scream. Then pick up from the same spot and keep going. Patience is the key and is a good lesson for life. Building bikes, raising kids, being married, playing in a band some how are all related when you step back and really work at something whole body and soul. Motorcycles are so much more then a accessory.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chopper Full Size

So tonight was the night. Shea's Churro got a haircut and oh does it look so fine. Solid 3 inches off the top. Now for some sheet metal magic and a 100 hours of welding and body work. No problem when you are young and bounding with energy. Next week is Torque fest and I am getting antsy for some road tripping.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So first swap of the season was today. Went there looking for taillights and bars. Left with exhaust, seats, and the best tank I have ever seen. Wassell size and is high tunnel. Has two mounting tabs on the backbone going thru the frame I guess. Cool as shit and I got a whole bunch of exhaust tips/mufflers. Scored two cocktail shaker mufflers for 15 bucks. Anyways the early bird gets the worm. We left the swap at 9:30 and the line coming in was back to the highway. Fools

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Top 5 saturday

So here are another set of cycles I have built or owned. I still miss the Triumph only in the fact the bike broke my balls about a hundred times. I have built the same bikes over and over but really they are different builds ever time. So in this batch there is my 67 Triumph that won at the Smoke Out East. The red bike won at the Smoke out West. The purple and white R5 is the motor in the red bike. First version of the Ironhead and the 550 Honda that Tony ended up building and winning at the Smoke Out also. Anyways this weekend is the first bike swap at the twin . So time restock the shop with bits and parts. Go ride your bike for christ sakes.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ironheads are Go!

Anyone got a 45 Magnum just laying around? Yeah I thought not. Randy Smith is stronger then you and me.

Sunday is Fun Day

I know I have said it before but there is something about old porn that is amazing. I know it is still just naked broads but there was a time when there was no plastic surgery, no liposuction, no botox, no fake anything. So I want all of it like this real women looking real cute with no real clothes on. Ha

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

So my wife was going through old pics and found a bunch of oldies. Sometimes I forget how many bikes I have owned/built over the last 9 years. So here is this Saturdays top 5 weirdest bikes I have owned/built. Granted I have never been a one brand specific kinda guy(until as of late) I did have some fun with the Moto Guzzi. Everything about them is wrong, backwards and Italian engineered. There is my Honda 750, 2006 Vstar 650, A 1973 Cb350 and the first version of the R5 chopper. I have some more for next week and remember never stop trying to chop everything in sight.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Month and Counting Down

Can't decide which bike to bring but either way I will be there. Find me and say hello.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fucking Finished

So every bike I have ever built or anybody has ever built has the gremlin period after it is done. Well today I finished up all little issues and went for a proper ride. Love this bike except the right hand shifting. My brain has to work really hard to get it right but it does not help that I ride my other bike allot. Primary leak is fixed for the time being. Rejetted the 37R Mikuni carb and bent the brake lever a little more to clear the peg. Those brakes work killer now. It's charging and stopping and sounds like a proper chopper so for now I will just enjoy the ride. Big giant smile and sigh of relief. The weather has been better then California's and that is saying something. Go out and ride your GODDAMN bike.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bikes as Art, Art as Bikes

Shea and I had our bikes in a art show/party deal. Pretty fun and got to talk to some people about choppers so that is always a good time. Zack has a sweet little mini ramp and does screen printing at Union Press. I spent the rest of the evening working on the Triumph from hell.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Going to go this year for sure. Leave a day or two early and bum around Denver. Wax Trax is a epic record store in Denver and I would like to see the Speedmetal guys shop. The only shit thing is having to ride across Kansas twice. Arghh! Maybe I will two lane it both ways and try and find something good about Kansas. I doubt I will find anything.

Brians 750

Met Brian at the Born Free show last year. This is his daily sled. Pretty killer and I like the lines of the bike. Kinda digger but not to long. Found this pic on backstreet buckets blog. Anyways love this Honda.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mik's SR 500

Are are a few better pics of Mike's Sr. So the lights issue ended up being the regulator. Go figure. Super fun bike to ride and looks to boot.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Projects Going On

What is the first thing you do when you get a old Triumph. Thats right folks, you shit can every wire out of it. So the first hour was just that. So what I have here is the biggest pile of a Triumph I have ever seen. We will see if I can bring it back from the dead? The last pic is the smallest bike I have ever done. Suzuki 250 stripped down street bike. Just lowered it and painted the tins flat. 60's Triumph bars and and bobtail fender rolled forward. Built the pipe and am just waiting on the seat to come back and the throttle. I guess it is the same size of a Rebel but I feel HUGE while sitting on it.

No Springer For Me!

Fuck springer front ends right in the backdoor. After a few laps around the block I all ready knew the springer would have to go. Flop, slap, springy, shit pile. Well I can't say I did not try something new. So back to the 31mm Rd front end. Yes it is possible to use any front on any bike if you do the work. 1 inch stem to boot. Wet sanded the legs and re super polished them. Added some preload spacers and found these NOS fork boots. Killer Diller and now I can ride this the way it want. Which right now is slow and very carefully. Break in miles suck.I love the way this looks and I am sure you all agree. Anyone want a great vintage springer?

Top 5 Saturday

So this week I have been thinking of the trips for the summer. So Top5 events I want to make it to.

Number 1 Torque Fest Iowa. John is a good dude and has his heart in the right place. The Punk Rods have been involved since the first show and it is nice to go to a show and get to enjoy myself. Also this year we are gonna have a death match mini bike race at the show. Good times for sure.

Number 2 Born Free Cali. So last year I got to ride out but this year I am not going to be able to swing that. So I am gonna fly out and just hang out with some friends, then hit the show on Saturday. Sucks not being able to ride out but family and work are more important this year not to mention money. It is coming up so fast I need to get my tickets.

Number 3 Salina KKOA The leadsled spectacular is one of the best car shows on earth. It is always hotter then hell in Salina KS but the drags on Friday night are killer. We have gone out in mass for years now and I look forward to it all year. There are no bikes allowed so it is kinda neat to just look at old kustoms, hot rods and hang out.

Number 4 Love Thy Chopper Denver. 100 percent riding out to this show this year. The only thing about this show is I have to ride across KS again. That sucks in so many ways. I think I will take side two lanes all the way out then just haul ass across 70 on the way back. Denver is a cool city and I would like to hit Wax Trax up while I am there.

Number 5 Ride The River STL I have been wanting to go check out this run in Saint Louis Mo. I think it has something to do with Brass Knuckle Choppers. Looks killer though and it is only 3 hours away. The ride follows the Missouri river and ends up and a camp site with show intertwined.

So take some time and plan some trips. I enjoy the anticipation and then the build up to leaving. Both my bikes are running good and I am wanting to hit the road.