Thursday, May 29, 2014

SLC 2014 Visit

Found myself with a week off. Decide to go make a little road trip. Went through Nebraska and yes I listened to the Boss as some sort of homage. Hung out with Dennis Saum in Marquette Ne. He has some nice cars and has been building hot rods since 1958. Good stuff indeed. Best thing was I mentioned I was looking for a flathead and with one phone call and 1000 dollars out of my pocket I now have a running flathead for the truck. Made my way to SLC to hang out with my best friend Jay. It was so cool to see him and get a deluxe tour of the city. We got his FXR dialed in so I could ride that. I liked it a lot and I wasn't even sure I had ridden because I wasn't sore or achy. Whatever enjay and I'll post a bunch of shit this weekend. Pangea bars went on the second I got home. Andy was way cool.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week in Review Kinda/ Top 5 Sunday

Of course after my last week at the day job nothing was going to go smooth. I need to download all the real pics from this week but I sold my Ironhead to a friend in the club. Actually I have no sellers remorse really. That bike showed me a ton of  lessons and got me in front of the learning curve as old Harleys go. I felt It was time for a change and BANG its gone. So what I did do was score a 1989 883 Sportster and I picked up a 1978 RD 400 Yamaha. So sell one buy two and still have a wad of money in my pocket. Already have the 883 all ripped apart and is getting a full on work over. Rewiring the whole thing and think I am going in the street chopper swingarm vibe. 4 over tubes and leave the rear stock. All black paint and gold mags maybe. High mount the tank and regear the rear sprocket down for highway riding. Plan as of now is to ride this one to Cali in a month. We shall see.So I'm sitting here trying to drink ALL the coffee and think of a top 5. Usually I have already thought this shit out but this Sunday am I am all kinds of Poo Brained. 
Top 5 reasons for Poo Brains
Number 1. No Sleep No Money No Time No Stopping the thinking right back to No Sleep.
Number 2. New bike means thinking about all the options over and over and then changing your mind over and over.
Number 3. Feel like I could use a few months off in the wilderness. Just a tent and a motorbike. Living in the world and just riding all the bullshit out of my life. That would also go into the dreams and shit scenario.
Number 4. My body is not soaking up the coffee fast enough!
Number 5. Listen to Fucked Up and you"ll understand!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week in Pictures/Top 5 Saturday

Well as you all know by now hopefully I have a Instagram account which is why this has been lagging lately. Go find@anchormoto. No fear I figured out how to download pics to here off the new phone gadget. So my week in pictures. 
Bought new/used truck
Vintage Iron show 
Keokuk visit
Rode bikes
Hobo point
Rode to car show
Battery pooped out 45 miles from home
Fixed bike
Sold Bike
Ripped my heart out!
Ate some delicious cobbler.
The End
Top 5 Saturday

Number 1. If you say your bike runs like a top it will break two blocks after you leave.

Number 2. Save money save money save money and right before you get to buy your dream item some stupid shit like your car will break down. Then you have to start all over.

Number 3. Nick Cave said it best! He just does

Number 4. You have a choice of buying the American made part for twice the price of the foreign  one. You will buy three of the cheaper one before you realize you should have bought the American one. 

Number 5. Everything cool has already been exploited, used up, pimped, whored ,and sold to the very people you wanted nothing to do with.