Friday, November 30, 2012

He calls it Sluttering, I call It Awesome.

Top 5 Saturday

Anyways I got a ton going on tomorrow so I will do my Top 5 A little early. So Top 5 Bike Club Names and why. All these are not real and I think about this stuff all the time. The car club has strict rules about these things or I would probably have ten different club jackets/cuts. 

Number 1. The Blackhearts MC. Well there is only gonna be 2 members but that is fine. I joke about it all the time and I know there is only 2 true Blackhearts in the whole world. So sorry you can't join.

Number 2. Los Mutantes MC. It is slang for The Mutants. There is a crazy band from Brazil in the 60's called the Os Mutantes.I love them and I thought that would be a killer name for a bike club. Thought maybe of using a melting monster type logo with a front wheel poking through the goo. 

Number 3. Retarded Hearts MC. Sounds kinda emo but I think it fits. Just picture a hand drawn actual human heart with a helmet on. I know I'm terrible but I think if you are gonna offend then you might as well go the full mile, right?

Number 4. Scumbag Brains MC. Kinda been using this term a lot lately. My fucking brain is like a wormhole through time and space and the fucking thing never stops. It did stop today for about twenty minutes then it started right back up again. Fuck

Number 5. Old, Crusty, Gnarly Ones. So you could just put OCGO on everything. No one would know the difference. So there you have it 5 terrible ideas and I know it.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Know I Know

Just saying I have been staring at this bike for months now and I just love it. i don't think I would like riding it but I love looking at it. I know how my ass feels after even 100 miles so I dare say that little pad would blow my prostate up around my collarbone. Whatever looks good and that is what it is all about. Fashion over function every time folks. I guess if style points count then this bike is a 10 out of 10. Just saying.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Burt You Are So Right

Sat and Watched Worlds Fastest Indian with my boy this last weekend. True bonding at its best I'd say. If you haven't seen it you are missing out and the bonus documentary at the end is almost better then the movie. I need this shirt so bad. Funny but there are men in this world and then there are men like Burt Munroe.

Heard this song today and was loving it. Your Turn

$Bling That Stings$

Does not look like 100 dollars worth of chrome but I assure you it is. Happy as hell to pay for it also. This means the only thing left is the paint. Michael Geltz of FWG is doing me a solid on a killer paint job so I will let the man deal with it on his time schedule. He is very busy honing his hobbit skills. Got the clutch arm I had to extend done and the struts for the fender. Jackson Plating right here in KC does a impeccable job every time. Not Fast and not fucking cheap but the devil is in the details. Sure all you see of the arm is like 3 inches but chrome power is in full glory if you are looking. That means I could get the clutch pedal all hooked up and adjusted and figured out how to have the bolt for the peg act as a stop for the pedal. Should work killer and can't wait to go try and ride this jockey shift bike. Gonna be another learning curve. I like learning and with this under my belt I should be able to ride anything on this planet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ironhead 2.0

So 2010 I had redone the Ironhead for the second time. This is still the frame from the 750 Honda. Always had a little bit of a off look because of the long rear section. I think this was a good look though for this period. I liked the paint job and am thinking about doing something like this again for the Ironhead real soon. I never should have sold this set of Mullins narrow 41mm trees with the ribbed legs I did. Was a great set up and would be proper on the shovel. So if you are reading this and bought the set from me please sell them back. worth a try? Very shortly after this I bought the Paugcho frame and went that route. I think I am on to Ironhead 7.0 at this point.

Anchor Style.....

So Noot stole this pic from the ZON blog and emailed it to me so I posted a double stolen picture. Don't care and this bike is perfect. I guess Noot knows my taste at this point. Very tidy and I like the color a lot. Ideas ideas and like my scumbag brain doesn't think enough.

Good Morning Rock and Roll

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Monday, The No Fun Day.

Truly believe that I loath Monday's. I think most people do. So its about over and I can't help but feel like tomorrow will be better and the day after is gonna rule. So listen to some good music and take some time to stare at your motorcycle. I have and let me just say it is one beautiful machine. Ironhead is getting a little makeover and new gaskets and such started this week sometime. Thinking a much larger oil bag is in the works as well. Ironheads run hot anyways and then with the small bag that fucker runs real hot in the summer time. So think good thoughts and remember back to my happy post.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

2005 In Pictures

Just moved back to KC a few months before and I think the Honda was still running at this point. God I have come along way with building bikes. I did have a lot of fun with this first chopper. I had a few old bikes before this one but one day I was staring at this Honda 500t and decided the sawzall was coming out and that was that. Had no idea what I was doing but that is the true spirit of a chopper. Rode that bike from 2003-2006 then the RD motor got put into that frame. Here is my Churro before and during chop. Best car I ever owned. Drove it across the country, 30 miles to the gallon. Solid good running good looking Falcon. Anyways doesn't seem like 8 years ago but it is, time again is fucking me. One of the Punk Rod prospects has this Ranchero still so at least I get to see it. As a side not the Honda 500T is the worst bike ever built. I blew up 2 motors in a row and that is why I put the RD motor into it.

Dreamy Skull Fuck Saturday Slow Jam

Inspiration for Speed

God if that doesn't make me feel all giddy I  don't wanna be alive. So stare and dream dream and stare. Time to watch Worlds Fastest Indian again. Shinya's Knuckle on the bottom is called Spike. The lines are perfect on it. Super low and horizontal to the ground. The whole deal is you are trying to cut the smallest hole through the air as you can. I need to lose some more weight I think.I guess I could just strip down like Rollie did on the Vincent. 150 miles an hour in a bathing suit. Crazy mother fuckers back then had no brains and all guts. Love the idea of a time when this was acceptable behavior.

Top 5 Saturday

Been thinking a lot about building a race bike. The problem is which kind of race bike to build. There are so many races you can go to so my Saturday Top 5 is gonna be my reasons for building a drag/Bonneville bike.

Number 1. I like the idea of building a purpose built bike. It's only job is to haul ass and make it at least two passes.Choppers are purpose built as well but then the styling comes into play. Truth to be told drag bikes and choppers have a lot in common. Stripped down to the core and then ride them. 

Number 2. Speed is king kids. I have ridden some fast bikes but I think the sensation of skipping across the salt would be addicting. They call it salt fever and I believe the salt gets in your brain and infects some frontal lobe area. I have been to Bonneville during speed week a couple of times and it is a magical and weird place to be. There are the million dollar race cars right down to the backyard gob jobs and as long as it passes spec you can run it. 

Number 3. Been sketching bikes and ideas in my head for a few years now. I think I want to try and build a small displacement motor like a 350 Honda to start with. The record is low like 118 and that seems like a goal that is within reach. Once you get up into the 1000cc and up classes the top speed records are well into the 150+ and really up over 180 in most classes. So maybe that will be the way I go small bike and just try and see how fast I can get it to roll. Then change some stuff and see how that goes. Etc etc till I can get in the record books and be immortalized for ever. Wait I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Fuck

Number 4. Speed costs money and right now I have none. After dropping every red cent on the shovel I am in the red as far as projects go. But the 46 Hot Rod is next on the list and I have already scrounged up a front end, rear end, rear spring, frame, steering box and motor. Pretty good start and the cost 0 dollars. I think just in the little 350 motor I could spend about 1000 dollars on trick parts and machining. Whatever I have to get it going so one day before I am to old I can actually run something down the salt. 

Number 5. Dreams in one hand Shit in the other. Get busy Living or get busy dieing, Yes now is the time to get started. I know where a good 350 motor is sitting and I can do trade for it. So off to the races and maybe next year I will have sweet little speedster to have some fun on. Any have a small supercharger just laying around?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Well Do You?

True Story 2.0

 Was trying to remember the first motorcycle ride I ever took. I recall when I was 5-6 riding a little mini bike around the yard. But I'd say my first for real ride was when I was 8 or so. The neighbor across the street had a RM 60 and let me just say I was hooked from the first ride. The sound that it made, the smoke, the speed. I was a daredevil from the get go and by mid morning I was trying to jump a set of doubles we had built for our bikes. That did not last long until the RM broke and that was over. Next was a Honda Trail 90. I remember it was the step thru model and was rotary shift. No clutch , I knew it was lame even back then. The neighbors across the street were the most white trash, hillbilly, retarded SOB's ever. They had two sons that were a little younger then me but the same age as my brother. We played a lot together and my mother fed them almost ever morning before school. There front yard was a gearheads dream. Cars on blocks, motorcycles in every nook and corner. Pete was the mothers boyfriend. Later he would be found beat to death under a tree down the street from our house. Anyways Pete said if we could get the 90 running we could have it. WHAT so 4 boys sat around and found some tools found a spark plug from another bike. Pulled the carb off and cleaned it. (not  good enough). and with a some gas in the tank it fired right up. I can still remember that feeling of "I fixed this POS and now it runs". Granted it did not run well but for a 10 year old I was stoked. Our mom work all day so in the summer we were left alone a lot. So we stole gas from cars on the property and would cruise this little 90 all over the place.By the end of summer we had broke the throttle cable and had just cranked the idle all the way up so it was like having cruise control. So funny trying to turn the idle up while riding then trying to turn it down to stop. Stupid kids but that was my first real repair and ride story. By the next year or two my dad had come back around and we got proper dirt bikes. I had a KX 80 and brother got a GT 60 I think. The town I grew up in is called Canyon Country and when I was there it was amazing place to grow up. We lived 7 miles up a canyon out of town and there were only about twenty houses up in the neighbor hood. Bikers, Hot Rodders, Lowriders and Cowboys all just on the walk to the bus stop. Really I loved being a kid in that period. We were allowed to run like wild indians and we had the space to do so. Feels like a hundred years ago but like yesterday all at the same time. I still get that "I fixed this POS thing and now I'm gonna go ride" feeling. It's one of the main reasons I build bikes. Never gets old, boring, and its my only time of the day my brain shuts the fuck off.

So Thankfull, Full of Hate

On this day of thanking. I will say thank you to my family and all my best friends. I have at least one and that is as good as it gets I think. So took the boy down to the shop this morning and we got the bed and cab off the frame. Someone did the worst cobbled together thing I have ever seen. everything was welded together. And I mean everything and welded terribly at best. I ended up just cutting everything with a cut off wheel and a chisel and just split all of them. Bed was easy as 8 bolts and tipped it up. Maybe 5 minutes. The cab took me 2 hours and I was not being nice to it as I went. steering column was a MF'er. Cut all the wiring harness out and then started wrestling the fucking thing off the frame. Granted I thought someone else would be down at the shop to help. Ghosttown today. Funny when you don't want anyone around there is 10 dudes hanging out. When you need help nobody. So the first pic of Ian doing the thumbs up is when I realized the E brake cable was stuck around the bottom of the cab. I was sweating and wrestling it for 5 minutes until I figured it out. Cut the cable and one sideways swing and the cab was on the ground. Pushed it into its home for the next century or so. On to the roller, we pushed it outside so if anyone needs a POS 460 BB connected to the biggest pile its up for grabs. Onto the Shovel for a hour or so. Got all the wiring done and all that is left is the key. Bought a new switch and had it in the bike went to test the brake light a realized the ACC lug on the switch is bad. You had to jiggle wiggle the key to get it to work. Fuck that I brought it back and have to wait till tomorrow to get the replacement. So had a good day and now we are gonna have our Veggie feast. I am thankful for a lot and I hope you know it. Blackhearts are go.

Cover Your Noodle

Everybody loves vintage helmets. Including myself. The reason I don't rock one is they stink, there falling apart, dead vermin poop, and if you ever did crash with one one your brain will come out of your knee caps. So love them to look at and wear a new Bell Moto 8, I do.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Story Time Kids

 So the year is 1991 and all the little skate rats were out skateboarding as we usually did. It was summer time and I remember it was hot as hell out and we ended up at my girlfriends house to hang out. We watched the X documentary and decided it would be the punkest thing in the world to get tattoo's. So we just watch the scene where John Doe is hand poking a cholo cross on a fellow and made a short list of supplies and headed off to the store. Of course we stole everything we needed which was some India ink black, sewing needle, thread and a pen to draw the design on with. We made short work of it and in no time we were on our way down a path we had not yet traveled. We were all straight edge( I'm the only one still) at the time so we all thought about the cool kids we had scene at the shows that were sporting killer X tattoo's. Lee did his on his ankle, Adam on his inner leg and mine I did on the inside of my knee. So a 16 year old thinks this is a great idea. Take the thread and wrap the #6 sewing needle around till it gets tight and will hold some ink on it. Took a lighter and sanitized the needle first I think. Then it was time to draw a killer design. Well let me just say that mine was supposed to be epic mind melting cool it ended up being a plain X with S.E H.C. around it in old school fashion. So we dipped the giant #6 sewing needle in the ink and started the self mutilating process. I remember the first stabby motion I did and realized that this was indeed going to hurt something fierce. We all tried to suck it up for the first 5 minutes and then it turned into laughing and just trying to get it over with. I  must have stabbed a thousand holes in my leg that afternoon. It is about 1 inch by 1 inch and it took me over an hour to get the x to stay in there. So on to the S.E.H.C. part. Got the S done then the E and then said fuck this I have had enough. Funny when I drew the tattoo on I was sitting in a chair and the design was horizontal to the ground. Well when I stood up it was diagonal to ground. I was pissed off and my knee hurt like some asshole had just stabbed it a thousand times. Duh I would pull my shorts up the rest of summer and look at my ridiculous tattoo and I thought I was the coolest punk rocker in the land. I had older friends that had some ink but no one had the same one I had. Truth be told none of them had a hand poked job and none of them were my best friends either. I still talk to Adam and Lee and we still laugh about that day and the fact that we were so dumb. Well that is the story of my first tattoo and you all know what I look like now. Fuck I am silly and let me just say I have hated getting every last one of them and I am not joking.

Crack Pipe Sighting

Yeah I am totally that guy that takes pictures of his own bike. Don't care because I love this bike more then most anything else. Crazy weather we are having. 75 degrees today so I had to get the cycle out. These days are gonna be few and very far between soon.I love the new bars and front end. I'm thinking new paint job this winter and some gaskets replaced. We'll see I do not want to miss even one day of good weather this winter Maybe wait till we are in 12 inches of snow then rip it apart.. Yeah I 'm that guy

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So Punk It's Killing Me.

Hot Rod Honda

Well I said it before and  I will say it again if you are gonna ride a Jap bike the 750 Honda SOHC is the only way to go. So the year is 2009 I believe. Johnny and I moved into the new Blue Star motorcycle shop on Troost Ave in Kc Mo. Pretty rad to have a real shop and have the space to work I had never had before. I want to say most of this bike was built in my shed at the house then finished up at the Anchor. Got the frame from Tony in a trade and built up the bike kinda Hot Rod style but mostly just simple. Had a really good stance and when it was running it ran like a mother fucker. Learned a bunch on this build and since I have built and worked on a lot of 750's Tried some weird stuff with the paint but really there is no paint but clear coat on everything. Hand polished the frame with DA pads then had the tins bead blasted. Taped off the scallops then polished the bare metal on the front of the tank and fender. pinstriped the scallop edge and then clear coated everything. Built the oil bag and battery box that is hanging off the side. Some how the oil bag got clogged on the feed line so one fate full day the bike ceased to run. Funny it made it all the way home and in my drive way the motor went BANG. Never ran again. Whatever it was a fun little bike to ride and at that point it was the biggest cc bike I had owned. Next was the Sportster and actually the first build of the Ironhead was in this very frame. Tell me you can't stuff any motor in any frame. Bah I'll show you. Would never do it again though. Lesson learned. Enjoy

Go Ahead and Try and Hate This. You Can't!

Monday, November 19, 2012

One of My Faves

Been seriously missing California lately. Not so much the town I grew up in but my favorite place in the state. San Fransisco has got to be the best city on the coast in my eyes. The actual city is really small about 7 by 11 miles but the burbs spread out for miles. Oakland is close as well as Berkley, San Jose, Richmond, and a little down the coast is Santa Cruz. Anyone in the now knows about the history of San Fran and club bikes. Amazing history and really does have a good vibe. Crazy burned out hippies, punks, blue collar, street urchins, and some how it all helps the city be what it is. Whatever this picture is old, my daughter before she was even 1 and now she's almost 9. Crazy but time is a evil thing and I need more of it.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

46 Gets Home...

Finally went and picked up the 46 F1. Gonna be my Hot Rod some day. In way better shape then I first thought and all I am keeping is the cab and bed anyway. Gonna see if the 460 will crank over and if it does I will keep it. If not straight to the scrapper. so far my favorite hillbilly touch is the seat belt latch for the tailgate. Genius stuff here and a true Rat Rod move if I ever saw. Shea helped us go get it so we rode out to Russ's shop. Choppers looks nice out in the wild woods of Kc K. Nice day for a ride so if you were sitting home grumpy you should have gone for a ride. Big plans, big ideas, and no goddamn money. Awesome.