Friday, February 6, 2009

Some words

So really what the deal is after years of tinkering on cars and cycles it was just a matter of time. What is in my head is a mix of early lane splitting drag bikes mix with a 60's show style. I build bikes with the process in mind. Sure not everybody see's things the same but when you see a bike that is done right it just clicks. So I will be posting items for sale here as well as bikes I am working on. If you live near or are in KC stop by and check it out. The motto of the shop is Destroy and Rebuild. I can and will take any two wheeled contraption and chop it. To date I have done a Rd350,Moto Guzzi 750, Honda 500t, Triumph 650, Honda 750's, Bsa 441, Honda 160, Xs 650, Suzuki GS1000, Honda 350t, 2004 V-Star basically japs and brits. Any parts you need can be built and I am working on a bunch of parts. I am rethinking the two wheels by learning the past. I hate new bikes and have a personal rule of riding only bikes older than myself. So pre 73' for all you kids. By for now and keep a look out for the Anchor

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