Sunday, July 25, 2010

Digger update

In one foul swoop I have got all the parts I needed. Swap meet today I scored a front motor mount, 19 mag, foot pegs, crazy little shocks off of something. As for the Ironhead I kept looking at it thinking that something just did not look right. There was a gap in between the seat and fender and the oil tank was like floating in the middle. So this week end the wife and kids were out of town so I tore the tank seat and fender off and worked out some new magic. I bought some new Paughco upswept pipes a new flip fender and I already had the new super cushy for your tushy seat made. I also decided I needed to change the tank out. Peanut tank in place it all fell together fairly easily. I moved the oil bag up 4 inches and floated the new fender up pretty high and ran it into the oil bag. New Stainless sissy bar sitting straight up. On top of that I repainted all the tins . Two days time and it looks good. The wife has the camera so this week I will post some new and much improved pics. Next I believe I will change out the rear wheel to a spoke wheel with MK11 rubber.

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