Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lets have a talk!

Well it seems as of late people are gonna bitch about how everybody is into period choppers. Granted if you live in Cali you probably are sick of every douche that wears a Pendleton and some Vans claiming to be a chopper jockey. I truly understand this because I am from Cali, but seeing that I am in the dead center of the country now I have a totally different take on it. 5 years ago when I left Ventura to move here there really weren't very many real choppers around. There were none in KC. I have since met a few guys that have proper bikes but that is why I have been hell bent on making my shop work. Slowly but surely people are wanting simple choppers that are meant for ripping up town. So seeing people bitch about Period correct bikes is just a hoot. Wouldn't you rather see a well built chopper that looks good? Well I do. I have had to work on to many clapped out piles lately to not want to see a well built bike. Don't get me wrong there are some good builders in Kansas City but I can count the good ones on one hand that I haven't worked on. Whatever the latest fad is I don't give a shit. Choppers are forever. Choppers are real deal expressions of ones skill,art,stupidity,will,patience, pain dealer, and never forget people fucking die on these deathtraps every day. Think about it like this. When all these bro's realize they can't deal with "BEING A BIKER" they will sell there bikes and all there "RARE PARTS" for a song because they won't give a shit. Guess who is gonna be there with a fist full of dollars and a smile a mile wide.
Don't even get me started on "BOBBERS" . The most over used word in the chopper world. What people call bobbers are really just shitty cheaply built poorly executed throwaway piles. I will say that if it is not a 1960 or earlier Triumph or Harley then don't even udder a the B word. You see those early bikes have a certain look that you just can't get with anything newer. People try ,People fail.
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Chopper glory is the only law.
Quote from last night: Man, it cost money to build chopper glory.

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