Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is What happens

This is what happens when your bike tries to kill you. I have always wanted a long bike. The problem with long bikes is the freaking bike is long. I was out riding on Sunday and took a s curve fairly fast when the digger started doing this weird snake like wobble, which normally I would have rode it out but the back end started hopping off the ground then the front started tank slapping like crazy. I smashed on the rear brake and slid the back to a stop. I turned that MF'er around and took it back to the shop. This is what the solution was. One night of work and all that is left to do is narrow up the front wheel so it will fit in these narrow trees. I like to ride fast and I need to know my bike will not try and buck me off and the slightest bend in the road. So here is the Ironhead and I like it better already. Good strong motor, no rake, lowriding, wheelie popping, Anchor machine.

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