Thursday, August 11, 2011

Once again I got Crazy Stories.....

So I ride my cycle everyday that I can. Which has been everyday lately. We have had a good break in the heat and I have really been riding allot. So I leave work on my lunch break and jump on the interstate to hit the post office box and grab a sandwich. As I get up to full speed and start my normal in and out of cars and winning my one bike race I hear a very weird thud. Next thing I know I am doing the full on flat track slide across three lanes and then back across the three lanes and then back across, etc, etc. I blew a back tire out. Though I have had it happen before never at 80mph and never like a instant explosion and then sliding. I know how to ride my bike. I know how to be in control in a very uncontrollable situation. I was still fucking freaking out as the bike finally slowed down enough to put the brake on and get it stopped. I get off the bike and look around, I am missing some spokes? Where the hell did they go? Who knows. I think I hit something at full speed and it got in the rear wheel and broke some spokes. I found all three spokes inside my tube! Yep all three had been sheared off by something and the rest of the spokes where in my tube. Tire looks alright but the spokes are dead. My boss had to come pick my sorry ass up. I found some spokes in a old wheel that would work and I put it all back together tonight. Good Times and changing tires by hand sucks the most. One more notch in the belt and all those years of riding on dirt paid off again.

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  1. You think the spokes broke causing the flat? I had to rebuild my front wheel to avoid that.