Monday, February 16, 2015

Good stuff

Well the weather has been absolute shit. Been listening to a lot of music and trying to get caught up at the shop. Lots of wiring going on at the moment. Leaving Friday for MamaTried so that should be fun. I'll make sure to take a ton of pics. Getting ready to move shops again. Not gonna lie I'd rather hit myself with a hammer multiple times then move shops again. Got to do it so no point in hitting myself with hammers I suppose?


  1. If you need any help making the move..I would be more than happy to lend you a hand. The shop is always closed on Mondays. If you want the help..give me a shout. I have been wanting to pick your brain a bit anyway. I'm seriously considering getting another bike and want to hire you to make my vision a reality.

  2. Yeah man I'll need some help for sure. What are you thinking? Sportster? You just working at the mustang shop?

  3. Yeah Ricky, I'm working at Mustang Plus still. The shop is closed every Sunday & Monday. I have my little girl every weekend but can help you move any Monday. I drop her off to school around 9am then I'm free the rest of the day. If Mondays work with your timing...count me in. As far as the bike goes...yeah, definitely a sportster. I have been tripping ever since I saw John's bike you worked on at WOW. I love the soul of the iron head but could live with an Evo XL as well. I'm really digging the hard tail king/queen set-up that the Haifley bros are producing. I'm thinking tall, slim, de-raked. I'm sure you could help me get vision accomplished. We can bullshit about it later. I know your jetting out of town soon for "Mama Tried" but when you get back give me a shout. Like I said..if you can use my help on a Monday..count me in. I'm ready to help. My cell is (816) 908-8060.