Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From the beginning...

Maybe the only good thing my pops ever did was knock my mom up and gave me the love for two wheels. Like most kids I grew up riding dirt bikes and that turned into street bikes. We would be out riding and if our bikes broke my dad would just leave us out there and make us fix it or do the walk of shame. Good life lessons when I look back at it. He would bring home 50 dollar bikes and let us tear into them. Any ways here is a picture of Rick Sr. the year or so before I was born. Back in the day when dirt bikes were seriously dangerous. When we were kids he would be riding a Husky and I would be on a YZ 80 trying like hell to keep up with him. He could ride a mother fucking dirtbike. Anyways found this in a pile of stuff and it made me happy.

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