Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slick as Chicken Shit!

Some people like to see a whole bike in its done form. Some like myself like to see all the individual parts that make a bike flow. Lately I love front ends.Like most parts if the front sucks or is just thrown together you can tell. It is ok to mix shit up as long as the effort is there. I also really like how headlights are mounted, high and tight is the key. Here is the Crack Pipes front end. I smoothed out all the triple trees by cutting off all the tabs that where for the speedo/tach. A couple of hours with a hand file and then the top tree got chrome plated and the bottom I painted with black lacquer. I had built these bars for the red bike a year ago but they really look good on the Ironhead. Anyways that is my rant for today. Front ends 101. Next I will go over seats I think!

P.S. I am sick of Japanese Mother Fuckers building the sickest bikes in the world. I will bring back the glory or die trying.

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