Sunday, January 17, 2010

Done for real this time

So I hated the front end that was on the red bike. I had this cool old front end off of a 73 mach 3 kawi. It is super skinny,short and has chrome lowers. I had to make some spacers for the tubes to stiffen it up and drill out the lowers for the 3/4 axle. The front wheel is off a ironhead and the enduro tires I love. I cut the tabs for the rotor than cleaned it up for the spool effect. I sold the bars and I like these mini apes so those landed on the front to finish it off. Added the chrome mufflers and got the seat to hug the sissy bar just right. This bike is for sale so if you have 2000.00 dollars just sitting around and you want this sweet jam to ride just let me know.

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