Saturday, January 2, 2010

Old pic of the Red Bike

This picture is from the first day I rolled it out of the shed. We painted it in Jeff P's garage in the dead of winter. This is from two years ago now. I am glad I threw her back together. I like the look she has now but this was as good as it gets.This motor was crazy fast and made every part on your body go numb within minutes. What did the motor in was a long ride at highway speeds. On the way back it started running like crap and it just went to hell from there.When 2 stroke bikes run good they are great but when they blow crank seals well that is the end. I was not gonna spend any money on this bike I had already started the Triumph. So she sat in the basement for a spell. Put it back together for less than 300 bucks and when that motor blows back to the basement with her.

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