Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tony Ricky Johnathan

Saturday at the shop. Tony decided that he is gonna build a xs650. After seeing all the wack ass TC bros choppers out there he is gonna show some fools what is up. Anyways I am sick to death of xs650s but no doubt his will turn out great. I had a little accident after World of Wheels with my new bike. Rubber tires+ metal ramp+snow and ice= bike fell of ramp while unloading and i broke off the peg and bent a bunch of really expense parts. So I drilled out some cool old dirt bike pegs and straightened all the bent shit and went riding today. The last pic is of Johnny's new cb350 project that should turn out cool. It is super long and should ride like shit but it is gonna look cool. Fashion over function is still the chopper rule. Or maybe that should be Fashion and function is the rule but how cares anyway. Either you ride choppers or you ride bullshit and that is that.

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