Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Cuss

We have been super busy at the shop. We got Davi's t-500 chopped up and back to him in a week. As for the cb750 we did all the fab work and the owner is gonna try and button it up. As for me I finally rode the Ironhead. After many failed attempts to get it running I pulled the side cover on the cam side and I had the front cylinder cams flipped the wrong way on the timing marks. Shit I only pulled them in and out about 10 times while getting the end play right. Well the learning curve proved to help because that bike starts and runs great. Last night I was checking the timing and adjusting the brake setup and with one kick she fired up. I thought I was gonna have to hire a youngster to get that thing fired. Any who when I am not losing sleep over bikes I am hanging with the family. Ian is getting huge already and Esther is on spring break this week. She is gonna come to the shop with me and do some work. Ricky out

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