Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Haps

Well for a day or two we had awesome weather. Today we woke up to 4 inches of snow. This has been the first winter that I wished I was back in Cali. I hate that all winter I worked on my bikes and still haven't put any miles on the clock. Spring is upon us though and we have a bunch of trips coming up. May 1st in Farley Iowa is the first Torque Fest. It is in the north east corner of the state but it should be a good time. May 15th is the Dice party up in Des Moines at the Tap and Taco bar that is owned by Jeff from Church of Choppers. The next trip will be June 18-19 which is the Horses Smokeout. They moved the show to Santa Rosa, NM . It is like 10 hours closer than last year. All these trips we are riding our choppers to. Feel free to come along to any or all. Just let me know and I can tell you the details.
As for the shop stuff we have got some bikes in that are getting the Anchor treatment. We are doing my first dual over head cam Honda 750 chop right now. Quit a bit different from the SOHC models. The hardtail looks great on it and we are in the final mock up stage before we tear it apart and paint it. Davie dropped his t500 Suzuki off yesterday and we are tearing it apart and doing a simple stripped down street chopper with it. Struts, no front brake, bobbed fender, sporty tank, etc etc. Davie is a insane artist and his bike was super fucked. He had 1 bolt holding the fender on,back of a diner chair for a seat, just some serious ghetto shit. I will shoot some pics today and let you see the damage.

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