Sunday, December 26, 2010

Outlaws and Such

Seeing that I had all day to just hang out I did some reading. I bought the Danny Lyons book 'Bikeriders' while I was up in Des Moines for the Dice party. What strikes me very odd is the fact that there where allot of different bikes ridden by club members. There is one shot of some guy straight up riding a stock BMW and dressed down in his biker colors. Lots of Triumphs and then the typical scum bag Harley sleds. There are some real cool choppers of the time that even by today's standards would be proper. This is my favorite picture out of the book. In the book it is in color and the girly with the white glasses has got the reddest hair and is probably dead by now. Damn I love her anyways. If you get a chance to just look at this book I highly suggest it. Epic timeless proper Midwest chopper shit.

As a side note if you have read any of the Sonny Barger books they talk about guys riding Triumphs and Bsa's but getting ragged on for it. Still I think the whole chopper world would be better off with out the brand loyal craziness. As long as it is a chopper who cares. Now if it is a chopper that was built by your hands then who can say anything about it? Who I say. Nothing can beat a well built stripped down deathtrap. Build it then ride the shit out of it. That might be the only thing that is still the same from the old days. Same goes for Hot Rods, Kustoms, and dragsters. Along with a well built simple chopper these things are forever. A real Hot Rod will have the same effect a hundred years from now, same with a clean kustom. Period correctness is only about having good taste. I don't even think I think about that crap when I put a bike together. What I do know is what looks good and how it is gonna function. Everybody has there own taste but timeless shit is always and forever the only place to look.

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