Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Regret is a Mother

Now that the arctic blanket has covered the mid west all I feel is regret that I did not get out and ride more. Between the new baby and working on average of about 60 hours a week I really just could not find the time to just go ride. Customers bikes had to get done and that was our priority. Next year that is gonna change. I am gonna attack the fucking road with absolute recklessness, The ironhead and myself are gonna make the Born Free show. There will be no excuses because this is in stone. Truth to tell I don't really care about the actual show part but it will give me a good point B from the point A. I will leave there and head north up the coast and see some friends, head through Lake Tahoe and end up staying a few days in SLC. All in about two weeks time. So this next spring I will be breaking in the Ironhead and making plans but come June we are gonna split. Anyone down?

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