Friday, March 4, 2011

June 20th is the Kick Off

It seems like all winter all I have been talking about or preparing for is this trip. Born Free 3 is the 25th and I am just using the show as a point B for the trip. As it goes right now I will leave KC on the 20th and get across Kansas the first day. I will camp at the Bonny lake campground that night right inside the CO border. Next day get across CO and camp at the High line Lake state park on the border of Utah. Next day will be a push to get across Utah into Nevada, hopefully make it to Vegas that night. Should be able to roll into Long Beach sometime Thursday. Get to just hangout Friday and Saturday. Split from the show and head north up the coast till we hit San Fransisco. I would love to spend a day hanging out in SF. Lots of great things to do and eat. Leave there and get to Lake Tahoe and camp. Blast across Nevada the long way across and try and sleep on the salt flats for a night. I have this great vision of sleeping up against the rocks on the north side of the salt beds and waking up and seeing the salt for miles. We might even run the bikes out and see if we can set any speed records for fully packed down chopper class. Head towards SLC for the night and some rest. i want to 2 lane it across CO on the way back. Take every backwards ass road and get to Denver eventually. From there it will just be a full throttle blast across Kansas again. There is no part of the Kansas state that is good. The road sucks and is insanely boring. Get home and sleep for days. So if you are reading this and are thinking of a epic trip or are headed that way from any where else hit me up and lets ride together. From KC there might be 4-5 guys but how knows when it comes down for the get out of town part of it. I have spent countless hours building my bike and I don't believe she is gonna fail me. I will have a insane amount of tools and all other needed items. Some spares and I just went and outfitted myself with all the needed camping gear. I picked up a tent, new sleeping bag that rolls down super tight, sleep mat, tarp, one little pot, etc etc. The deal is it all had to fit in one duffle bag and that had to fit the sissy bar I built. I went around Mickey's surplus with the duffle bag and made sure all the needed items would fit in the bag. I already put the tent together and made sure I could pack all of it night after night in the same order and make it fit. I am chomping at the bit to go already. 3 months and counting

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