Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Major Repair # 2 Salina Utah

Shea says" Man my bike is making allot of noise."
Ricky says" Sounds like a valve adjuster is lose, we can fix it tonight.". 300 miles later we get to the camp sight. I was right in thinking it was lose. I was quite surprised when we found it was gone. # 3 cylinder had no intake adjuster or lock nut. We pull off the valve cover and found the obvious signs of it bouncing all over in the top end before being pulled down the timing chain to the bottom end. After the initial OH SHIT moment we make some calls and have one coming our way via Jay in SLC. What Michael did was look around our local environment the next morning and came upon a junk yard in the middle of the desert Utah. Found the only Honda motor in the entire place and to boot it was half buried in the muck.. 2 dollars later we were well on our way to Las Vegas. Jay brought the spare one and the adjuster is still in the bottom end. Hondas are freaking bullet proof.

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