Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well folks I just walked in the door and I am still in a daze of crazy long miles. Kansas is the shittest state in the lower 48 to ride across. WE got to do it twice. As I settle in I will start posting pics and stories. WE had a blast and all the shit times were directly influenced by the good. Little Shea is now a MAN. Little man rode his Honda 750 all the way with countless breakdowns. He made it and only had a slight heart attack/stroke/rapid aging. You should see him he looks like me now! None of the other bikes had any major issues. I did not even put a wrench on the Triumph. Nothing! Anyways we put down about 4300 miles in total and we are all a little crippled for it. The Born Free show was actually better then I could have imagined. Endless sick bikes, met some real cool dudes and it was all free. Met some dudes that knew about the Anchor and that always is cool.

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