Saturday, September 24, 2011


Like I posted below we are moving into a new shop space. Here it is in all its glory. Dave is insane and had the frame work up before I even new we were working on the shop last saturday. Many trips to Home Depot later and 1 week I finished all the paint and floor coating today. I ran outlets every 4 feet and will never have to run another extension cord. All we have left to do is the lights and put in the ceiling tiles. Well then move in but that is the fun part. The change will be good and I want the new space to function like a well oiled machine. No more taking in jobs I don't want to do just to pay the rent. So If you have a cool bike (no xs 650's) hit me up and I will give it some needed attention. Remember kids winter is here and it is the best time for chopping.

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