Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looks Fast and is Stupid Fast

Having some fun with the Scrambler. It is amazing what changing some bars, seat and wheel can do. Anyways I haven't ridden it much since the trip. I wanted a little more vintage Cafe feel and I think I nailed it. Made the seat pan and cut the back of a xs 650 gas tank to make the bubble. Euro flat track bars flipped on some Harley risers. Put a spool back on the front after I installed some new bearings. I was ripping up midtown this morning. The weather has been insanely good and at 6 in the morning there are no people out on the road to hit me. Any ways enjoy.

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  1. Cool posts - I dig the Scrambler - far out Falcon - those cars are built solid too. Good to see you getting out? New shop location? Miss ya Ricky !