Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yes Yes

I'm still alive. Well barely I guess. Been stupid busy and taking trips then having to start a new job and build bikes. Ugh! Never fear since my last post I have built another Sportster and getting ready to sell it. 1989 883 Sportser set up like a street chopper thingy. Any takers can hit me up on the side bar. Or call at 816-694-3685. 3500 is the asking price. Enjoy some pictures of shit I love, shit I built and , some shit I took off, as well as shit I want. Ha


  1. Glad your back Ricky! I was worried that I was going to have to do the instagram bullshit just to see what crazy shit you have been up to! I snagged a vintage pedal car for my daughter and it needs some welding love in a couple spots. I was going to give you shout and see if you could give me a few pointers with the welder.
    Keep doing your thing man,

  2. can you throw up a picture of the sporty in question?

    if convenient can you throw up a pic of all the bikes in your stable?