Monday, June 23, 2014

Heirlooms and BF6/Thanks Again WLP

Here we are again sitting and pounding some coffee. I am about to load my truck headed out to Born Free. Decided to haul the 883 out. Wait some of you might not have even seen it. I bought a 1989 883 Sportster about three weeks ago now. After I fixed all the broken shit on it I have only had it on the road about week with it being solid. So for the first time ever I am going on a vacation. The only plan I have is being at Born Free on Saturday. If you are there we can hang out I'll be the guy in Vans with a sweet beard. But seriously last time I was out there three years ago I met some way cool people so don't be scared. Count down till take off 5, 4 ,3 ,2 ,1.

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