Monday, November 24, 2014


Decided I was gonna have to derake the shovel frame from 34 to 30. So while I was at it I windowpaned the gusset and then metal finished the rest. Fixed the look of the bike and got the ground clearance fixed as well. Installed the fat bobs three times till I got them sitting right. Here is a few words of wisdom. If your bike has fat bob mounts leave them and make your tank fit them. It's gonna go fast now!


  1. Ricky,
    I really like the direction your going with the shovel. Clean and sanitary for sure. With an exception of a few I have seen..deraked bikes look kick ass. I'm locked and tuned in to this build. Keep doing your thing. Where is the anchor located in kc?

  2. Yeah im trying to keep this my long distance bike I guess. The frame was raked out to 34 so I just pushed it back to 30 so the dimensions are like stock. No idea where its going from here I'm just gonna do it one piece at a time till its done.